Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey 🙂 I hope all you Canadians are doing well during Gobble Gobble weekend!  hehe.

just the immediate family.. not including kids lol

I still have one more dinner tonight to end the Thanksgiving fiasco, but since I have my family doctor’s appointment in the morning, I figured I’d write about the weekend today so I don’t have a novel to write tomorrow!

Saturday we went out to my dad and Lois’ place.  My oldest niece Jess had to work, but I got to see the other two, Caryn and Travis.  There were also my brother and his girlfriend, her son, my two step brothers, and my cousin Steve who came down from out West with his girlfriend Karen.  My aunt Joan and uncle George stopped by too for a bit, and my sister in law/ ex of my brother, Steacy whom I LOVE!

Since my Crohn’s disease has been on the fritts lately, I’ve been really careful with what I’ve been eating meat wise, bc omg turkey kills me!  My first dinner consisted of potatoes, a salad and coleslaw lol.

I was planning on just going home on the way back, but my aunt Kelly is down from Toronto, so I went up with Amanda and Nick to my mom’s and ended up there until almost 11pm visiting.  I felt really great Saturday!  It was so much fun to see family I don’t get to see in a while!  My aunt Joan has Dysautonomia too, but she has problems with brachycardia.  She was telling me about the procedure she had done (that I may have to have some day too) which involves shocking the nerves into the heart and hoping it helps lol.

My cous Steve from Alberta

Of course I get my nightly bout of nausea and hot flashes… yeah that’s funny coming from a 27 yr old.  Anyway, I ended up being awake until almost 5 am!  My mom calls, and tells me the next morning, that I have an hour to get ready and she’ll be picking me up.  So off I went again!

The nice thing about my mom’s, there wasn’t crazy amounts of people, so I got to lay down for a few hours which I definitely needed, and celebrated an early birthday for my aunt.  We got her The Watchmen movie, The Graveyard Book, and Good Omens.  I actually got to eat that night lol and had ham, potatoes and corn and birthday cake! lol.

It was really nice to visit but I was feeling crazy out of breath all day, and climbing their damn stairs doesn’t help!  So by 9pm I asked my mom to take me home bc I was starting to feel really rough.  By the time I got home I thought I was going to puke lol.  So I figured, the nightly sick moment is here early… which means I might actually get some sleep… no.  Went to bed around midnight, and was still awake at 7am!!!  Which ended up okay bc I finally got to watch Transformers 2… kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sis Amanda & our niece Caryn

Today, is our actual Thanksgiving at my mom’s.  Nick was at his other grandparent’s yesterday, so he’ll be home now.  I was going to go to the nursing home to visit my Gramps on the way to my mom’s place, but since I didn’t sleep, I’ve been having a real rough start to the day.

There’s going to be 6 of us including Nick who’s only 4 for dinner tonight… and my Grams has chocolate, butterscotch, apple AND  pumpkin pie for desert!!!  Crazy woman lol.  Plus there’s still cake from last night!

I’m having my sis and aunt Kelly pick me up on the way home from the nursing home, and I’ll go to mom’s then.  Gives me some extra time to rest before it all starts again.  Sooooo much fun and good for the spirit 🙂 very tiring on my POTS and Crohn’s though!  I’m just waiting for the day my body crashes bc it feels like it’s going to be soon… hopefully not tomorrow bc I need to get my referral done!

My two nephew Travis & Nick

I hope you’re all well and still hanging in without being too overtired but Thanksgiving, getting to see everyone and just have fun is definitely worth it!  *hugs*



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