Time to Relax

Hey!  Just got in from being out a little while ago with my Grams.  She seems sooo tired out lately, it’s starting to worry me more.

Last night, Nick was home from his other grandparent’s place, and they picked me up on the way from seeing Gramps at the nursing home.  I was going to go, but was feeling so run down, I thought screw it lol.  We had a lot of fun there, and got to visit tons.  I didn’t take any photos though.  I think everyone was tired out, and none of them wanted their pictures taken in pj bottoms lol.  I actually ate turkey too!  Not very much, but mmm.  Good stuff.  I went to bed last night between 10-11pm bc I was so tired, but then of course I woke right up and was up until about 3am lol. When my alarm clock went off at 7, I had to stumble around lol.

My Grams picked me up around 8:30, after dropping my aunt Kelly off at the train station.  I can hear the trains come in from my place 2 blocks away, so I went out shortly afterward to meet her.  We went back to mom’s and just visited and cuddled with my sister’s cat Jupiter (Jupy to me- he tried to eat my toast right out my hand, the pig!) and then we left around 11am to go to the doctor’s.

I got my referral to my Crohn’s disease specialists in Kingston, and another referral to the Access Center about getting more hours with a PSW (personal support worker).  I also have more infections again!  My doctor said it’s my immune system, so she gave me repeats to have of the antibiotic with all the crazy side effects, since it’s easier than coming in again and again for it.  GRRRR lol.  So annoying.  I didn’t bother to pick up the prescription today, bc I was just too damn tired and wanted to get home.  She also gave me a flu shot.  I have never had one until now, but after last year, I figured I’d take the chance on the shot making me feel sick since I get repeatedly sick anyway lol.  She warned me my arm would hurt, but no one has felt sick to their stomachs yet from having it this year, I said, “Trust me.. pain in my arm is nothing, I just don’t want to puke!” lol.

My Grams and I went to the library afterward, and I picked up a Candace Bushnell book and a Sophie Kinsella.  Now I’m home with my Zeusy, relaxing.  I’m feeling fine after the shot.. and yes with a sore arm lol.  A sore arm is the least of my worries in my opinion.

Thursday, I have to go to the bank to pay a bill, then I’m hoping to go to the place to get my Health Card renewed since it’ll be up in a little over a month.  Will probably get my med.s for the infection too.

Talk to yas all later when more goes on!

Take Care!


2 thoughts on “Time to Relax

  1. Mine just feels like a normal shot pain now, but when I went to lay down earlier it was throbbing pretty good lol. Not bad though at all. No, I’m not sick w anything, I keep getting bacterial infections. People with pots and ppl with crohn’s especially bc our immune systems suck get them… can’t remember the name of them, but my sister says it looks like you got shot lol


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