Yay! Good News!

I went to bed last night so early bc I was wiped… but of course I didn’t sleep lol.  I think I got back to bed around 2am.  At around 10:30am (I cannot believe I slept that long!) all of a sudden I hear my mom’s voice calling me.. and my social service worker Susan’s voice lol.  She had been banging on my bedroom window, front door, called me… I didn’t hear a thing lol.  So she ran up to my mom’s and grabbed her to let her in lol.

I found out I got approved for my mouth guard from grinding me teeth like crazy!  I am setting up my appointment to hopefully go in next Thursday when my mom’s off.  I’m excited bc it’s horrible for your teeth!

I tried one of those Sleep Right Night Strips bc I got my free little samples in the mail.  My dad uses them and swears by them, so I wanted to.  My nose burnt so badly I had to take it off lol.  It did make it easier to breath, but the pain kept me awake lol.

Also in good news… I got approved for Meals on Wheels for two months!  So for at least two months, I’ll have dinner meals brought to me that are already prepared, and I just have to throw in the oven.  I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about starving!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom brought me up to the bank today to deposit money for a bill.  She’s picking up my pills for me tomorrow for the infection so I’ll finally be able to start it.

Speaking of… I got the flu shot yesterday and apparently my sister has the flu!  We share EVERYTHING it seems like in the line of virus’s so at first I almost backed up from my mom lol, but then I remember I’m all good!!!  Not going to be going there though lol.

Marlene my personal support worker came this afternoon and I got to rest in bed for a bit.  She made me fried potatoes, and a nice dish of pasta with green peppers and celery mmmm.  Just watching the rest of LA Ink and then I’m headed for bed.  Face to Face front man Trevor is on the show!  LOVE THEM!

Now I’m reading Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner.  I am going to start it tomorrow.

Hope you’re having a good week! xo!


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