Wwwweeee Achoo!

Hey!  For some ungodly reason I’m watching Much Music‘s show where some crazy fan goes on a date with a celebrity.  This is a really bad show! Lol.

I’m on full on having a cold now whippee!  I don’t feel horrible though, but it doesn’t make trying to go to bed any easier when you can’t breathe right lol.  It’s all good though, bc I think the worst of it is finally over.  I only had one really bad day where I basically slept all day and then I was back to feeling like I was just having ridiculous allergy issues or something lol.

Got my wheel chair!  So dumb that this excites me, but it makes me feel so much less stressed in knowing I can go do day long things like going to the mall, or to a zoo, etc.  and not have to worry about cutting the trip for friends or family short bc I feel like crap and can’t go on anymore.

The lady who gave it to me knows my Grams, and she was so sweet!  It was her mom’s and unfortunately passed away after only using it twice.  She had a dog who was playing fetch with me, but if I pet her, she screamed bloody murder lol.  I found out afterward that the poor thing was beaten before, so I didn’t bug her unless she came to me after that.

I’m back on the antibiotics for the infection again, but this time around it’s giving me mad nausea!  I thought it was bc the first one I took, I took on an empty stomach, but nope lol.  I think it just hates me!  Only 8 1/2 more days to go blah lol.

I heard from Meals on Wheels yesterday, and they are going to start bringing me meals on Monday.  I’m excited!  I don’t know if they’re coming here already cooked, or if they’ll be frozen… but I am going with the vegetarian plan with chicken and fish.  I think I should like most of the stuff then, hopefully 🙂

Probably going to head up to my mom’s for the day in a few hours, and since like usual I only got a few hours of sleep, I’m going to have a quick nap before then so I’m not a zombie while I’m there lol.

Hope you’re all have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Wwwweeee Achoo!

  1. Miss talking to you lately,seems like I’m here and you’re there or vice versa..lol.Hope to catch up soon!Have a great time at your mom’s….tty soon!


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