There’s Snow Not Too Far From Here!

I found out it’s snowing in Barrie!  That is totally awesome lol.  I love the snow!

I have been feeling wiped the last few days.  I think it’s from all of that lack of sleep while having that cold so it kinda wore me out finally.  I am having a really weird crunching feeling in my eyes ears and head… like a head ache sort of.  Hard to explain, but the light makes it worse.

My Crohn’s Disease is doing so much better.  I got an emergency appointment with my G.I.’s for Friday at 1:30, so my Grams is going to take me in.  I really think it was only a set back or warning, not a relapse bc I’m not having the same symptoms, just think that I need to go back on my remission drug Azathioprine.  I don’t take it all the time, but I think my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is flaring it up.  I do have nerve damage in my intestines so it’s bound to happen.

I started my Meal on Wheels program on Monday.  They bring food over for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.  I have to find a container like thing to have them leave it in for when I am not home.  Very odd lol, that or have someone be here to pick it up when I’m not home on Friday bc of my doctor’s appointment.

I’m going to be selling some of my furniture because of when I move.  I have way too much stuff.  My mom is going to take my bed (I’d rather use my futon) My heart rate goes crazy climbing into bed, and I’m huffing and puffing by the time I’m in there lol. I’m also going to sell two of my end tables and keep the one I got from my grandpa Bruce, and also my love seat.  I doubt I will have room for it and my couch in a new place, and I want to use my new chair!  Right now it’s my computer chair lol.

Tomorrow Marlene my Personal Support Worker comes, and on Thursday, my case manager is coming to set me up with the grab bar for the shower.  I may also be going with my Social Service Worker, Susan, to the YMCA to get my gym membership!  I’m really excited about it so I can go swimming again!

Anyway, I’m going to head out.  My sister is crazy sick with a cold… whoops! LOL.  I’m going to go have a nap and then make some fish for dinner if I’m well enough.

Take Care!


PS Want to be in a POTS video?  Email Kayla your picture and how long you have suffered at:


3 thoughts on “There’s Snow Not Too Far From Here!

    • I love cute animal photos 🙂 my mom always sends forwards with them. These two cuties aren’t mine, but they’re definitely adorable! And no worries about the brain fog lol I get what you meant!


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