Crohn’s Disease I Hate You lol

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We’ve always had a remarkable relationship.. I ate the right foods, you weren’t a bitch… what happened to this arrangement???  I think it’s over between you and me this truce… bring it!!!

Grams brought me in to my GI appointment.  Talked to a cute medical student about crap… literally lol.  And then got to see my good old Crohn’s Disease doctor Dr. Beyak.  He pushed and shoved on my stomach, liver area, intestines, you name it and no pain.  He check my thyroid, my eyes, down my mouth, my blood pressure and heart rate.

He doesn’t believe that it’s my crohn’s affecting my lower GI tract, which I totally agree, since all the pain, uncomfortableness, indigestion, seems to be coming from my stomach.  He doesn’t know if he thinks it’s even crohn’s in my stomach though either.  With my type of crohn’s it could be simply GERD another digestive disease, treated the same as crohn’s I believe, or it could be cancer.  They really have no idea why I’m sick.  So I’m going in for a lower scope even though I’m not due for one, but why not kill two birds with one stone?  Have a colonscopy and say that LOL.  Then they will go and have me bite on this plastic piece between my teeth and insert the camera through it, and I have to purposely swallow it down into my stomach.. and not gag… yeah right lol.  This would be hard to begin with, but when you have crazy nausea… the attending might be getting scrubs full of vomit as a morning treat lol.

I have had lower scopes done before.  The prep isn’t pleasant and makes me really sick for some reason lol but the test itself isn’t that bad at all.  I’ve never had an upper scope done, and even though it is nothing on the grand scale of tests, it still frightens me.  I’m not worried about complications, or anything like that, bc the GI team here is one of the best around, but I guess just bc I’ll feel like crap, gag, etc. I just hate having to have to get it done.  I hate complaining bc my poor sister goes through so much worse with her crohn’s on a daily basis, but I’ve been amazingly lucky compared to most, let alone her, so I’m not used to having to deal with these issues.

If nothing is diagnosed from there, then I will have to get a barium cat scan to get another look at the bowel, which I’ve had before.  That’s no biggy.  And then we go from there.  I will be hearing from them probably the beginning of next week since they’re now closed, and then my appointment will be about 3 weeks from then.

My Fibromyalgia was also confirmed with my GI today, and he figures since I get most of the pain by the end of the day, and not in the morning, that it’s only that, and not Rheumatoid Arthritis as well.  So that’s good at least.

Anyway, I’m feeling kinda down from it all even though it was expected to an extent, but these dumb appointments always wreak havoc on me afterward.  I’ll write more soon!



2 thoughts on “Crohn’s Disease I Hate You lol

  1. My dear fruit,everything is going to be ok!I know you must feel overwhelmed,but try not to be,and we can take this one step at a time….remember girly,I got your back!~Muahhh!


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