Can I start Panicking Now?????????

me and Jasper snoozing at mom's

I just got the call from the hospital.  They SAID I’d have a 3 week wait after the call.. nope I have 4 days.  I go in this Friday for 9am, scopes start at 9:30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sad thing is, I don’t get paid until Friday, so I’m going to have to borrow the money for the prep to take on Thursday!  OMG I hate this lol.  I’m literally shaking just thinking of having to get the damn things done!  Lower scope.. annoying bc the prep is so draining the day before, but I’m freaked out to get a scope shoved down my throat!!!  My sis said it’s so much easier out of the two, but I just don’t want to deal with this.

My mom understood how I was feeling, and said she’d take the day off so she can be the one to take me… and this short of notice, I don’t think she’ll be able to.  I hope she can, but I doubt she will. Oh Bloody hell thank GOD!  She literally just called me and she is pretty sure she can switch the shift.  That’s awesome.  And she’s going to get my prep for me and JELLO since it’s the only thing I can eat.

Well besides that freak out, I went to turn on my cell this morning after not using it in months, and the damn thing turns on but the screen is destroyed!  Not sure why, it hasn’t been banged around.  So I’m going to have to call Virgin Wireless and see if I can get it fixed, since I have about a year and a half left on the contract.  I have voice mail and text messages I can’t get at because of the screen lol.

Also, the Pauls family dinner will be coming up soon.  I’m supposed to bring cranberries or something… can’t remember lol or a jello and marshmallow salad which we have every year there… and I have no idea what all is in it bc I always thought it was gross lol.  So I’ll probably get the recipe from one of my aunts.  I honestly wasn’t planning on going this year.  I think I’ve only missed a family dinner once, and it was bc I had the flu when I was really young, but with me being SO run down, I just don’t want to deal with going out there.  Plus I know I’ll see my nieces and oldest nephew at my dad’s on Christmas Eve, since they’re the ones I would want to see most.  I guess I’ll decide before then.

Also, I have to go to the Gyno.  on the 4th of November.  It’s not too far from my place so that’s good.  I think I’m just getting a pelvic ultrasound done… can’t remember it’s been so long lol.  I don’t go to the Allergist until mid December, and then the only other tests I have coming up is the check up with the Cardiologist at the beginning to middle of November, and then with the G.I. team for my Crohn’s Disease sometime after the tests this Friday (AAAHHHH!!! lol)

Anyway, I’m going to head out and call my dentist about setting up a date to get my molds done for my mouth guard.. at some point! lol.



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