Hospital 2010 Crohn’s Disease

Finally all the Crohn’s Disease tests that were stressing me out are over!  Whipee!

I was going through a LOT of back pain for a few days before the tests, but it was alright.  Even going all day and part of the day Friday without food was good.  I felt so sick to my stomach I didn’t even want to drink water lol.


my wonderful PSW Marlene

So my mom and grams took me in 9am.  I had my walker for after the tests, and I’m glad I did, but I walked right by the receptionist and forgot to book my next follow up appointment lol.

I was scared about getting the throat scope.  I wanted to be able to do it, but I was afraid it would get me really sick, to the point where I couldn’t get it done, but I did!  They had  a hard time getting the sedative to work on me.  They had to give me 4 doses, so I was more than aware for the lower scope.  I’ve never had a bad experience with it, but the pain I went through is unreal!  I really feel like the guy was a little off his game, bc even the G. I. that sits with the student and tells him what to do, said, “I don’t know why you’re banging off the wall so much, that’s why we use a camera.” LOL.  I never experience much pain usually if any, until they enter the smaller bowel, but this time I had horrible pain the whole way through, that I actually teared up.

So by the time we got to the throat scope and I was plenty medicated… I was nervous.  I didn’t want this guy acting like this with my throat too!  It didn’t help that the cord the camera is attached to, was way thicker than I thought lol.  The numbing spray worked fast, but you can still feel it very much so.  I kept automatically swallowing, which made me gag EVERY time lol.  I don’t know how I didn’t throw up, but I made it through!  It was bad gagging so much, but I’m more than happy with it bc I was able to get through it 🙂

We stopped off at my mom’s to get my mom’s stuff bc I had to have someone stay with me for 15 hours after.  I hung out with my sis, and ended up keeled over in my mom’s bed in even worse pain than before.  We stayed until Nick got home from school and he was rubbing my hand with his it was totally adorable 🙂  Whenever Amanda tells him my tummy is bothering me, he always leans over and kisses my stomach lol.

Amanda and I agree, that we don’t want Nick to know about my POTS.  It’s very hard to explain it to him without making the dear soul worry.  He knows about Crohn’s Disease, bc of how sick Amanda gets from it, so it’s something that is easier to have him understand.  It’s serious, but nothing to worry about.  So when my POTS affects me, we always say it’s my tummy problem like mama’s.  That way he knows not to jump on me, etc., but that he has nothing to worry about.  Hell I don’t get into it with my other nieces and nephews, and they’re all teenagers and the oldest in her 20’s.  I don’t want to unecessarily worry them when they’re so sensitive when it comes to family.

Mom and I came back here, and I got Subway, and she got Pizza Hut, and we just laid around all night and watched TV.  It was nice.  I thought it was silly to have my mom have to stay with me, but in the end I was glad she did!  She just left a couple hours ago to get ready for work.

Tonight, my sis Amanda wants to go to the movies.  Not sure what we’re seeing yet.  She wants to see the new Saw, but our certificates don’t cover 3D movies, so we might be going to see something else.

Tomorrow, I am going up to my mom’s to hand out candies, and take pictures of all of the kids on Halloween.  It will be so cute to see them all 🙂  And later this week, I head to the Gyno.  Will write more afterward.  I hope you all have a great Halloween!



7 thoughts on “Hospital 2010 Crohn’s Disease

  1. im glad you were able to get through the procedure. im due to have the lower camera soon, urgh! you seem so great going through all this tough stuff. hope the results are goodx, happy hallows too.x


    • Have u every had a lower scope before? If not, don’t let my situation scare you bc I had NEVER had a bad problem with it before. Normally it’s just drinking the prep that’s the gross part lol.


  2. hi ash

    ive never had the lower scope before, or the upper one. i try not to worry about whatever is going to happen on the day, and not before, quite difficult at times though. xx


    • Well with all the lower scopes I’ve had, the prep drink for it is the worst just bc it tastes gross lol. The rest is usually a breeze! I always get pent up right before it’s about to happen, and then can’t believe how easy it was! Even the throat scope was so much easier. The advice I got from the nurse for it, was concentrate on your breathing. It was the best thing while going through it, bc when I just focused on my breaths, it didn’t both me at all… just don’t swallow lol. When do you go?


  3. hi ash

    the professor i saw wants my local consultant to arrange the camera, this was in late september, i havent heard anything yet. i have another appt with the prof end of january so i was hoping they would be arranged before then. however the nhs isnt the faster of creatures!xxx


  4. This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Aletheia.


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