Heyas 🙂

I actually had a GOOD dentist appointment today.  I was getting the moulds made for the mouth gaurd bc I grind my teeth like crazy.  I was afraid at some point, I’d have to be touched with their little metal prods which send shooting pain through me, but thankfully not!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!

It’s weird.  They use this metal spatual with side, and put what looks like sticky bubble gum all over it, and then they press it to your upper mouth and hold it about a minute until it dries, and then they repeat the same on the bottom.  I got my tongue stuck to it for a few seconds lol.  Not recommended for people with weak gag reflexes!

Then they put with what looks like a cocking gun, this blue gel along the top of your bottom teeth and you bite down for a minute, and then they remove it, and that’s it!  Outside of picking the pink gum like stuff out of between your teeth for a bit, it’s no big deal! lol.

I go back in two weeks to get my night gaurd, and to make sure it fits properly.

I go in February for my check up and teeth cleaning aka total hell of pain unless they freeze me up with stuff that makes me shake worse than a person with parkasins!  But bc of me being diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse, and Fibromyalgia since I was there last year, I have to double check with my Cardiologist to make sure I don’t have to go on antibiotics before hand.

Oh yeah and good news!  I went a whole 5 days of not having the Strep Throat, and Bronchitis, and I caught a cold!!!  I was afraid bc my throat was pretty sore, that I’d catch Strep Throat again, but thankfully it’s stayed as just a cold.  I have a feeling it was that *(^(*^)((& at the hospital who coughed in the elevator without covering her mouth.  The dirty &^$^&$&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

On Bisoprolol news, I was expecting the horrible side effects and so far I have none!  Whippee!  The only bad thing… NOTHING has changed.  Not my heart rate, my blood pressure, or any of my symptoms.  I’ll give it a month, and then call him to see what he says if there’s no change at all.  I would’ve taken the crappy side effects for a month or two if it mean’t some good, but so far nothing!  So I’ll keep updating on how that goes.

My Grams, was going to give me the rest of my Christmas presents as a gift card to Walmart, but I’ve decided to just ask for it in cash.  That way I can get the EReader and the recumbent bike.

Anyway, I’m at my mom’s visiting, but her and my sis are both asleep lol.  Nick will be done school soon, so I’m going to read until then.

Take Care!



Being Haunted By Bisoprolol …

I’m still on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.  I feel like I’m never going to convince him, he just keeps convincing me to stay on it!  *shakes fists* lol.

Alright, so today was my Cardiologist appointment.  My doctor came in, and I explained that my heart rate is better, but I still feel like crap.  So him and I went for a walk around the hospital!  My blood pressure is low for me, but still more than good numbers.  Apparently my heart rate at 85-100bpm resting is still considered too high.  He wants to double my dose of Bisoprolol to 5mg and see if it will bring my heart rate down to around 70-75, so that it will only go to 100-110 standing, and doing normal daily living.  Right now just doing normal stuff, I’ve been lucky having it at only 130-140 bc normally it would be closer to 180bpm.  I actually laughed when he said a normal person without pots, has a standing heart rate of around 90-100!  So low!!!  He said I’ll probably never get to that, but he’s going to fight to get it as close as possible, without compromising my sitting heart rate.  So here we go again!  Bc it took me a month and a couple weeks to get over the horrible effects of 2.5mg, I won’t see him again until February.  So I am most likely going to be miss puke and tired face until around New Years.  Whippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, Amanda and I are going to the mall to pick up our own Christmas gifts for mom.  Her and Grams have gotten us a couple things, but wants us to just pick out and get the rest lol.  Works for us!  We’re going tonight, on crazy sale night, bc tomorrow, it’s supposed to be freezing rain, etc.

I got Amanda’s Christmas gift yesterday when it came in to Home Hardware.  I got her the Peanuts 60 years collectible Charlie Brown‘s Christmas Tree.  She’s always loved it, so I found it and decided to get it for her.  I gave it to her yesterday, bc what’s the point, if she can’t use it to decorate with now?  I’m glad she liked it 🙂

Before I left for my appointment today, I had Marlene my Personal Support Worker, and also the guy from Shopper’s Home Health Care.  He dropped off my grab bar for the shower for me!  I’ll test it out tomorrow and see how it works 🙂  I just got the suctioned one, for until I move (that could be any time) and then I’ll try with the installation ones.

I also received in the mail, even though on Chapters website, it is classified as not even having been shipped yet, the book, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autoimmune Disorders.  I’ve only read the first chapter, and already learned so many interesting facts so far!

Alright, gotta head out to get ready to go with my Sweet Cheeks.



Woo Hoo Feeling Good!

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

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I was going to be smart, and bring my walker Christmas shopping at the mall today with my dad and Lois, but I didn’t.  I felt dumb.  I know it’s even more dumb to not, and get sick, but oh well LOL.  I did good, and sat on benches, etc. in between.

So for the fun part!  I got a pair of boots, a bra and underwear, coat, sweater, perfume (Amanda the one you chose smells like bug repellent lol), a purse, and I honestly forget.  Maybe another shirt lol.  I’m surprised I remember that much!  I didn’t know half the stuff walking out of the mall, bc by then I was pooped!

We went to Montanna’s for lunch, and I got fish and chips… left overs for dinner tonight! MMM!  And it finally stopped raining!  It’s supposed to snow tonight, but I doubt that will actually happen.

Trying to decide what to get myself for my birthday.  Normally I take the money and use it for Christmas gifts, but this year I finally have enough to spend it on myself!  Was thinking of getting a recumbent bike, and then I’d have some money left over to do whatever with, or I could get a Kobo E Reader, which I’d actually use on a regular basis.  Haven’t decided yet!

Talk to yas later!  The four legged handsome is eying me up for some loving!



As Per Usual!

I’m not sick…. looking around quick looking for a piece of wood to knock on lol.  After more than two weeks, I’ve finally gotten rid of majority of the bronchitis and strep throat!  Yeah!!!!!!!

All I’m hearing about is Thanksgiving.  I figure the American one is this weekend?  What we do in Canada, is have the weekend off and the Monday following it.   Is that the same for you?

So as per usual the weeks never go as we plan.. and definitely not as I do hehe.  Tomorrow I am doing my Christmas shopping with my dad and step mom, and grabbing some cat food from the animal clinic for Zeus.  Wednesday, I have Marlene coming, and the guy from Shoppers Home Health Care with the grab bar for the shower for me… which reminds me I need to clean the shower BOO lol.

Thursday, my mom is off, so she is taking me to grab my sister’s Christmas gift.  I can’t say what it is obviously, but I’m excited to get it for her.  I have it on a rain check bc they ran out.  So I now have just my parents and step mom to buy for, and Amanda and I have a good idea for dad and Lois so it’s basically just my mom left.

no idea why it’s on a tilt lol was having camera issues

And Friday is the Cardiologist appointment.  Nothing exciting happening there, just going to get a new Beta Blocker to try since Bisoprolol doesn’t work.  And when it did… it made me sicker than a dog.

My mom did come over Friday night, and she helped me get my Christmas tree up.  It looks great 🙂 I love lowering the lights and just relaxing with it.  I have all the Christmas presents so far wrapped too.  We both slept in, and then did a little shopping the next day.  I finally found ginger candies!  I haven’t tried them yet, so I’ll let yas know if they’re any good for nausea when I do.

Anyway, besides that not much else is going on.  Just been at my mom’s visiting with her and my sis and nephew.  Nick’s been such a cutie pie.

Next week is the dentist, and my birthday, and the Pauls family Christmas dinner near where my dad lives.  So I’ll have to do my grocery shopping asap and get whatever I need to bring with me for it.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend, and will write more towards the end of the week!  *hugs*


So Much For That Week! Lol

Hey 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well.  It seems like all my POTSy, etc. friends, are getting new diagnosis’ thrown at them left right and center!  Scary to have to deal with yet another health problem!

I am not going to be making it to my Crohn’s Disease appointment tomorrow.  I also didn’t go Christmas shopping with my dad and sister.  Last time I wrote, I felt like I was finally feeling enough relief from the Bronchitis to at least get through the crazy week.  I woke up the next morning full blown sick again with an added Strep Throat!!!

Thankfully I decided before, to fill that prescription for the antibiotic just in case I couldn’t handle the Bronchitis on my own!  I seem to do okay when I start getting better, I bounce back quickly, but when I first get sick, it happens so fast!  Last time I got Step Throat, I waited 3 days before going to the hospital, and it had already gone through my system and became very dangerous!  So I was okay with taking the antibiotic for it lol.

I’ve basically been sleeping, and taking Advil like crazy to deal with the pain all through my body.  It was weird, but it made a huge difference to just deal with being sick.  Today is the first day without having to take it, so even though I feel like complete crap still, I’m more than happy that at least it seems to be letting up a bit!  🙂

I can’t get into the Crohn’s Disease specialists again until December 17!  But I know if there was anything seriously wrong, they would’ve been more worried about me not coming in.  I really don’t think they’ll mind me not coming in with this crap lol.  Plus I’d have to wear a hospital mask, if they would even let me in at all.  They’ve gotten so paranoid at hospitals here since the SAARS outbreak way back.

My youngest nephew won 365 chocolates from his school today for selling the most cheese orders in the class!  I’m really happy for him 🙂 but omg it was just Halloween!  Like he needs more sweets lol.

I canceled seeing my social service worker this week, bc her mom is in a nursing home, and the last thing I want to do, is give it to my SSW when she’s the only family her mom has in the area!  I also canceled my Personal Support Worker.  I had originally bc obviously I was going to be out of town, but I just decided to keep it canceled so I can sleep more!

My mom is going to try to come over this weekend to help me decorate for Christmas.  I just have the tree to do, but that’s the one that makes me faint and sick the most.  I think it’s bc of constantly having my arms in the air putting it together and then stringing the lights.  So we’ll probably do it like last year, and I’ll do the bottom half of the tree, and she’ll do the top lol.  I’m excited bc I get to use my tree skirt finally.

I got my end tables sold!  $30 extra for Christmas presents 🙂 I have my love seat left and my old exercise bike, which I might give away bc I saw an ad for a woman who had a stroke that needs one.

Alright, I got some inhalers to take, then going to have a bath before Grey’s Anatomy starts.  I don’t have another appointment until next Friday, when I go to see my Cardiologist.


So Much For One Appointment A Week!

This week is going to be a busy one for me.  Like I mentioned before, I try… key word try here…. to only have one or two appointments a week, so I don’t crash from exhaustion.  This isn’t going to be happening this week!

Tomorrow, I am  getting my Health Card renewed, and then going to get my ultrasound done.  Then I’m coming back to my mom’s place, and heading out from there to my sister’s doctors, to get their flu shots, then visiting my dad.

Wednesday, I have Marlene coming in the morning, and a guy is swinging over to take a look at the end tables I’m selling.  Susan will probably come too the day, otherwise I won’t see her for another week.

Thursday my dad is taking my sis and I shopping for our Christmas gifts.  We just spend the morning together, and then we go out to lunch.  Should be fun 🙂  Then I’m going home with my dad to his place for the night.

Friday, I am going to have to cancel Marlene, bc I won’t be in the city.  Dad is taking me to my Crohn’s Disease appointment as the follow up from my tests. I probably won’t be home until after dinner sometime, bc my appointment isn’t until 3pm.

Yesterday, mom came and got me around 11, and we went to this one place near the mall to go shopping.  I got both my nieces and nephews Christmas presents bought, and my Grandmas.  I also got funky Christmas cards to send out.  Then I went back to my mom’s place and just hung out there until after dinner and came home.

Amanda stopped by here for coffee the other day and we were both coughing up a storm lol.  She brought me a HUGE bag full of movies.  It’s annoying on nights when there’s nothing to watch on tv, or I can’t sleep and there’s only infomercials on lol.  So I told her to grab me some.  I’ve already watched over half!

Oh!  Which reminds me.  Those of you that were looking to get the Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia DVD Changes for free… it’s back on the site to being available!

I still have bronchitis, but it’s slowly getting better every day, and I use the inhaler less and less.  It was sickening trying to remember to take it every 2 hours… and I always forgot until I started into a coughing fit lol.  Sleeping still isn’t easy, but at least I’m getting a few  hours sleep.  Yesterday, I ate my first meal in 3 days.  I didn’t honestly think about it, bc when I’m sick with stuff like that, I just don’t get hungry!

Today, I have a bunch of cleaning left to do, and take the garbage and recycling out, and then I think I’m crashing for a bit.  See why I can’t have a lot on my plate??? lol. Next week, I go to the Cardiologist on Friday, and then going to the dentist the Monday after!  Eek!!! LOL.

Anyway, I will write more probably after my G.I. appointment on Friday when I get home, but for now, cleeeaaannning is calling moi!


Yay I’m Happy to Be Home :)

I went to the hospital instead of for the ultrasound.  My grams and I were there for 1pm… I got brought to a hospital bed after 3pm… I didn’t see a doctor until after 6pm!!!  It was crazy busy in there for emergencies I guess, and only one doctor on staff.  Poor guy!!!  I felt bad for my Grams who brought me in too!  It must have been sooo boring for her!  At least I fell asleep a bunch of times lol so it wasn’t so bad. 

The doctor I had, actually bought a house my dad built and sold years ago, but until my Grams came in my room, we didn’t realize we knew each other! hehe.  He had just seen my sister the week before.  When he checked my breathing my oxygen levels were very low and even I noticed it when I was trying to draw in big breaths for him.  He swore it was pneumonia, which thankfully it wasn’t!  He had me get blood work and x-rays to be sure, and everything was clear!  It seems with virus’s like those, you get them once, and then continuously get them almost every time you get a cold, and I get bronchitis all the time… I didn’t want to move on up to pneumonia!

The gave me a nice oxygen mask to wear which I have to say outside of being forced to sit up, felt AMAZING!  I felt better almost right away and got my breathing back, not to perfect, but definitely not scary like it was.  Then the doctor came back in and said I have asthma!!!  Not allergy like asthma like I do in the bad summer months when the air is horrible out.. and even then, it’s more allergies then asthma itself, and since the worse of the crappy air months were over… and I found out the Fermeteral in my inhaler causes my heart to speed up making my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome worse… I went off it, and had been doing well breathing wise… until I caught this crappy cold from my sis, and that and the asthma gave me bronchitis.  Whippee!  LOL.

He gave me antibiotics I haven’t ever had before to keep on hand in case it doesn’t clear up on its own, and also a blue puffer inhaler, the kind I used way back, to take every 2 hours.  So I’m going to try to fight it off on my own without having to take med.s if I can.  I still feel horrible, BUT way better than I did.  I could barely sit up before, and by the next day I’m up moving slowly, but actually able to do stuff!  I’m doing a load of laundry right now, which is hard for me to do normally so I’m very happy 🙂

Marlene woke me up this morning and she ended up being here 3 hours instead of 1 bc she was so scared of how out of it I was when I first woke up.  She said I was talking to her, then part way through I was asleep lol.  Then Meals on Wheels came with another inedible meal, and now I’m just relaxing slowly trying to get stuff done.    I have nothing on the agenda until next Friday when I go to the G I clinic and see my crohn’s disease doctors, so I have plenty of time to rest!

Hope you’re all doing well!!!