Halloween Spinning!

It amazes me even 2 years of having POTS horribly, 8 yrs entirely, how much it wears us out!  Mentally and physically especially!

Nanu and Nick as pirates

It’s now been 5 days of being in bad pain and feeling constant horrible nausea.  I felt like I ran a marathon on Friday, not just went in for scopes.  I barely ever use my heating pads, etc. for pain, bc I’m just stupidly stubborn, but these past 5 days, I’ve been using them non stop all throughout the day just to deal with the constant pain.  It’s making me more annoyed than anything else! lol.  Still not using pain med.s though.

Sunday was Halloween!  I love giving out candy!  Amanda was too sick to drive Nick out to my dad’s, etc.  which was fine with me bc I was too sick to go too! lol.  My  mom was adorable and dressed up like a pirate too and walked around with all the kids and their parents, in the town house complex getting candy.  All the kids looked great!  I sat at the front door with my mom’s dog that was dressed up as a wizard lol and me in my winter coat, and handed out candy.  It was a great POTSy job, bc I just made them come up the step so I wouldn’t have to stand to give them their stuff.

Nick & his friends ready to trick or treat!

Nick and I had so much fun though.  I’d lay on the floor on my back with my knees up and cross my ankles.  Then he would hold my hands and sit on my feet and I lift my legs up so he was a good 3 feet in the air above me lol.  I was exhausted but we were both laughing so hard he puked! LOL guess that’s what being a good aunt is about hehe.  He was a huge cuddle bug and wanted to constantly be on my lap 🙂

Yesterday… didn’t exist for me lol.  I felt horrible.  My mom was going to take me grocery shopping and I couldn’t raise my head without the whole room spinning and me feeling instantly sick to my stomach and in pain.  She came by and grabbed my money and went grocery shopping for me 🙂  I was so thankful she did that, bc I really needed food, but just couldn’t do it.

Late last night I realized that the Diabetes Association was coming by this morning to pick up the used clothes I was giving out, so I had to drag my ass in the bedroom and go through my clothes while stumbling all over.  I gave quite a bit of nice reg. shirts, dress shirts, pants, sweaters, and a few warm coats, so I’m glad I was able to do it.  I just had to mark the garbage bag with a D, and place it outside my apartment door for them to pick up.  I thought it was perfect timing bc I wanted to pack away the clothes I’m keeping but not wearing now bc of the weather, and get rid of the clothes I didn’t want anymore anyway so it was one less thing to pack and bring with me whenever I move.  My mom brought over a few boxes for me to have to pack away things like kitchen stuff I rarely use, etc.  so I won’t be so rushed moving later, but I haven’t been well enough to do anything with them yet.  I still need to put away my Halloween decorations… and I can’t right now lol.  Sucks.

Amanda and I didn’t end up going to the movies.  I was in too much pain to wear anything other then pj bottoms, and she wasn’t feeling great either.  I went to their house instead and watched a couple movies.  We got all this junk food to eat, and we couldn’t barely eat it lol.  Stupid Crohn’s Disease! lol.

Marlene, my personal support worker’s boss is coming next week to do some hour long review.  She wanted to come this week, bc they’ll come right to your place to help you out when you’re not feeling well, but I can’t even deal with that.  I told her I’d see her next week.  As much of a help having Marlene come is, I’m going to be so worn out just getting up for when she is here for Wed. and Fri.  On Thurs.  I have my Gyno appointment in the afternoon, and my social service worker, Susan will be stopping by in the morning to check on me to see how I’m doing since my tests on Friday.  Seems like nothing, I know, but I just feel like total garbage the thoughts of being awake for more than an hour at a time is sickening.

I have a bunch of crap I need to do today, like Zeus‘ litter box and me have a shower, etc. and I don’t know how I’m going to do either of them at this point.  It’s only 10:30am though, so hopefully I’ll feel well enough later to do at least some of the stuff I need to get done.

Anyway, will write more after my appointment on Thursday.  I hope you’re all doing well, and keeping busy!



2 thoughts on “Halloween Spinning!

  1. costumes look great. glad you could sit down, whilst the children came round.

    hoping you feel a bit better soon, its a pain when you suddenly make a drop symptom wise. last week i had a migraine, out of the blue, stuck in a dark room luckily after three or so hours the worst past, but lingered the rest of the day. urgh. x


    • Ugh migraines seem so horrible!!! I’ve been lucky to never have them, just reg. bad head aches. My college roomie would be the same as you, and have to be on complete darkness just to try to function through it. I always felt bad for her bc it made her so sick! And like you said, it seems to linger even afterward and wipes you right out! I am already feeling more energetic ty 🙂 still dragging my butt, but at least I’m getting stuff done! lol.


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