Watching Ghost Shows!

I’m SO happy that Ghost Hunters is back on!!!  I don’t get the original station it comes on, only on a Canadian station, so I’m excited they’re showing this seasons episodes finally! WOOO!


My Grams and I went on a little trek this morning lol.  When my family doctor called, her secretary gave me the name and street that the Gyno was located.  We got there 5 minutes late bc it was in a house with no sign.  I come in… find out I’m at the wrong place!  So the lady there was nice enough to give directions to the right Gyno, and call them to say I was on my way lol.

The gynecologist was cool I like her!  She’s only in her mid to late thirties, and she makes you feel really comfortable to talk to!  I’m glad I decided to wait to see her instead of get in faster with the other.  I’m going just down the street on Tuesday to get my pelvic ultrasound done.  There’s nothing to be worried about or anything, she just thought since I hadn’t had one, it would be a good idea, and that way I’d have a full check up done.  I think it’s smart with so many cancers that happen to do easy things like that.

I went back to mom’s and hung out with Nick.  We watched volcanoes and twisters on YouTube lol.  It was nice actually bc he always puts me in a good mood 🙂  He was sitting on my lap and actually helped my knee pain lol. Speaking of which, I found my knee braces last night!!!!!  They are such a big help when the pain starts to become intolerable.  I was watching, Chasing Mummies (OMG I love that show!) and decided to look around the basket where I put all my heating pads, etc. and just happen to notice some fitted sheets I don’t use anymore… lifted them, and BWAM there they were!!!

Zeus had to get in there too to cuddle lol

Susan, my social service worker came by this morning, and she had me cracking up laughing telling me stories of her nursing days.  I always feel a lot better about things once I see her.  She’s one person who totally has my back, and never questions how I’m feeling, or anything.  She’s very cool, and hilarious.

We found out my Gramps who is in a nursing home, now has a lung disease.  We knew quite a few years ago he had Emphysema from when he smoked, but now I guess there is another one that has popped up 😦  My Grams has a VERY hard time hearing, and not a great memory when it comes to that kind of thing, so it’s hard to get information about it from her.  She is going tomorrow to talk to his doctor about it, so hopefully he’ll make it more clear for her, bc she is quite worried about it.

Today, is my brother Kirk, and step mom’s birthdays!!!  Kirk is 40, and I think Lois is 52… not sure lol.  I think they had her 50th a couple years ago.  I’ll have to remember to give her a call tomorrow.  My dad’s is on the 9th, so I hope I can get out there to see him 🙂

The nausea is back to normal!  The pain in my stomach is too for the most part.  It sounds weird, but it’s hard to tell when you’re used to having chronic pain there, so at least it’s dulled to being tolerable like the pain is usually.  I go back to see my crohn’s disease specialists on the 19th to see how the scopes turned out, and decide what’s next.  I have NO idea, which is annoying bc they discuss as the scopes are performed, if they see anything or not, but obviously I wasn’t much for paying attention to them LOL.  I know he had me stop to look at some polyps, at least one of which I saw him remove, but that’s nothing new, or unusual at all.

So besides those, I’m just waiting to get the call from the cardiologist to go back in when he’s back, which should be any day now.  That and the dentist… *shudders* lol.  I also called the sleep clinic bc it has been over 10 weeks since my sleep study, and they are sending it to my GP to have her go over it with me.  I don’t know if that means there’s anything that showed or not.  I’m going to wait a couple weeks and just call and see if they don’t.

Hope you’re all doing okay!  And a special shout out to my loop who suffers with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, etc. and finally got the okay from her doctor to drive again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy for you!

Talk to you all soon.



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