Hack Hack Gack Gack

Yesterday, was an odd day.  Marlene came in the afternoon.  I didn’t sleep more than a couple hours before she came bc I was in so much pain I couldn’t rest.  I slept a little while she was here, and then went right to sleep afterward.  I didn’t wake up until this morning!

My elbow is messed up from the way I’m slept on it.  BUT the rest of my intolerable pain is now dulled to being okay!!!  I was getting to the point where I was ready for med.s… and if you know me that takes a LOT to get me to take them.  But thankfully it’s better now 🙂

I woke myself up this morning coughing.  Kind of annoying, but figured with allergies, and sleeping so long, that’s all it was.  I feel full blown sick now.  It’s hard to tell at first bc my allergies always have me feeling like I have a head cold… so now that it’s in my chest, I am really feeling it.  I took some of my old inhaler that usually breaks it up… hasn’t helped lol.  Every time I cough it makes the muscles all through my arms and hands ache.  Anyone else ever get that?

I don’t mind having a cold, if that’s all it is, but I almost ALWAYS end up with bronchitis needing antibiotics.  I hope, even though it feels like that now, that it isn’t bc I can’t deal with ANOTHER doctors appointment!  I try to keep them down to one a week, but it’s all happening at once.  If I still have this, this bad by Monday, I’m going to call and try to get it.  That will end up with 3 appointments next week, but I have to have it cleared, or else my crohn’s disease doctors won’t let me come in… and it’s noticeable I’m sick lol.

Tonight, my mom stopped off with a nice hot french vanilla cappuccino for me 🙂 It felt great while I was drinking it, but now I feel horrible again, so I’m just waiting it out.  She’s off tomorrow, so she’s coming over for dinner.  Will be fun 🙂 I love having company for dinner!

Alright, will write more after my appointments this week.  Hope you’re all kicking Dys.  and Crohn’s BUTT!



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