Would Like to Rip My Body Parts Off & Get New Ones!

I feel absolutely terrible.    I am in pain in my joints and muscles.  It feels like my hair even hurts lol.  My head is so stuffed and my chest so horribly sore, that I can’t sleep.  All I want to be able to do is rest, but I can’t settle down to get more than a couple of hours sleep mid morning.  That’s since Saturday.

Since it’s still in my head, I don’t know what it is.  I can’t cough anything up, I just feel bad pain if I cough.  I even took med.s today for pain, and it didn’t do much of anything.  I have Vicks slopped all over my chest and throat and I don’t feel any better.  One nice thing about having a fever… I’m friking freezing! LOL  I’ve had the heat up to 25 in here, and normally I can go all winter without using the heat at all!

I can’t talk for very long at a time and I’m really winded.  I had Marlene my Personal Support Worker‘s boss come to do the 6 month review.  She kept apologizing for coming bc she didn’t realize how badly I felt.   I’d have to just nod yes when she asked me something lol.  She was supposed to be here over an hour, but she shortened it to only 20 minutes so she could leave me alone lol.

I have my ultrasound tomorrow, and I really don’t want to go.  I just want to crawl in a warm hole and die LOL.  Next week I go to the G.I. specialists, and I hope to god I’m feeling better by then.  I will have to cancel with my social service worker this week from being sick.  We were going to finally get to the YMCA to get my membership.  Oh well!  Next week then!

Alright after my break from sitting here, I need to go back to the couch where my heating pads are lol.  I know a lot of you haven’t been feeling good, and have a ton of appointments coming up too.  Wishing you well!


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