Yay I’m Happy to Be Home :)

I went to the hospital instead of for the ultrasound.  My grams and I were there for 1pm… I got brought to a hospital bed after 3pm… I didn’t see a doctor until after 6pm!!!  It was crazy busy in there for emergencies I guess, and only one doctor on staff.  Poor guy!!!  I felt bad for my Grams who brought me in too!  It must have been sooo boring for her!  At least I fell asleep a bunch of times lol so it wasn’t so bad. 

The doctor I had, actually bought a house my dad built and sold years ago, but until my Grams came in my room, we didn’t realize we knew each other! hehe.  He had just seen my sister the week before.  When he checked my breathing my oxygen levels were very low and even I noticed it when I was trying to draw in big breaths for him.  He swore it was pneumonia, which thankfully it wasn’t!  He had me get blood work and x-rays to be sure, and everything was clear!  It seems with virus’s like those, you get them once, and then continuously get them almost every time you get a cold, and I get bronchitis all the time… I didn’t want to move on up to pneumonia!

The gave me a nice oxygen mask to wear which I have to say outside of being forced to sit up, felt AMAZING!  I felt better almost right away and got my breathing back, not to perfect, but definitely not scary like it was.  Then the doctor came back in and said I have asthma!!!  Not allergy like asthma like I do in the bad summer months when the air is horrible out.. and even then, it’s more allergies then asthma itself, and since the worse of the crappy air months were over… and I found out the Fermeteral in my inhaler causes my heart to speed up making my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome worse… I went off it, and had been doing well breathing wise… until I caught this crappy cold from my sis, and that and the asthma gave me bronchitis.  Whippee!  LOL.

He gave me antibiotics I haven’t ever had before to keep on hand in case it doesn’t clear up on its own, and also a blue puffer inhaler, the kind I used way back, to take every 2 hours.  So I’m going to try to fight it off on my own without having to take med.s if I can.  I still feel horrible, BUT way better than I did.  I could barely sit up before, and by the next day I’m up moving slowly, but actually able to do stuff!  I’m doing a load of laundry right now, which is hard for me to do normally so I’m very happy 🙂

Marlene woke me up this morning and she ended up being here 3 hours instead of 1 bc she was so scared of how out of it I was when I first woke up.  She said I was talking to her, then part way through I was asleep lol.  Then Meals on Wheels came with another inedible meal, and now I’m just relaxing slowly trying to get stuff done.    I have nothing on the agenda until next Friday when I go to the G I clinic and see my crohn’s disease doctors, so I have plenty of time to rest!

Hope you’re all doing well!!!



11 thoughts on “Yay I’m Happy to Be Home :)

  1. I can so relate to this! I get soooo sick when I catch a cold or the flu and have needed to go to the ER so many times I have lost count. One thing I have noticed is that treating my Vitamin D deficiency and getting my level back into the normal ranges seems to have had a positive effect: I seem to be getting sick less. Have you ever had your Vitamin D level checked???


    • That would make a lot of sense! But sadly my vit. d levels are normal. I have a low immune system from the medicine I was on for crohn’s disease, so I’m basically stuck like this, and if I up my immune system anymore, I risk have a crohn’s disease relapse.


  2. sorry your feeling so poorly ash. when im like this everything seems impossible. does the pots affect the crohns, or the other way round? touch wood i just have a cold at present, im hoping its on its way out.

    really hope you feel better soon.x


    • Not really, I find it more the opposite. Since having crohn’s, I find that it makes colds, flues, etc. more harder to handle. After a while you don’t think of it as anything but normal, but I noticed a difference for sure when I first got crohn’s. Also, a lot of long term remission drugs they put you on for crohn’s lower your immune system, so you’re likely to get sick more often, and have those what used to be normal colds, turn into things like strep throat, bronchitis, etc. More of just an extra added pain in the butt lol.


    • LOL I just realized you asked if the pots effects crohn’s, visa versa… I thought u asked if my cold did LOL sorry about the not making sense explanation about something totally different!

      Yes they both feed off each other, especially if my pots is bad, crohn’s likes to peek in and make itself known lol. I think crohn’s wise, pots just makes me more tired out from the pain, or having to go to the washroom, etc. so my normal weakness from pots gets worse, but nothing too too bad.


  3. Hey Hun,

    Glad to hear that it wasn’t pneumonia, but kinda sucks that it’s like asthma. Hope you’re feeling a little better since you wrote this blog entry. Even when we’re not sending messages back and forth on facebook, I’m always wondering bout you and how you’re doing, feeling, etc. Hope the cold passes through your system quickly, and damn those siblings when they give us their colds LOL *hugs*


  4. As always seem to have my up and down days, but i guess overall i’ve been doing okay as of late. It’s kinda funny that we’ve never actually met (as of yet lol) and yet we’re always thinking about and are concerned for the other person.


    • I know huh? But I guess you don’t need to see someone face to face to get to know them. I truly do consider you a great friend, so you’re always in my thoughts. You’re a really good person, which is rare to find, so I hate to hear when you’re unhappy.


  5. I consider you a great and close friend too hun. You’re one of those people where it’s no B.S…you are who you are. and glad that we started talking, and hope we continue to do so 🙂


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