So Much For One Appointment A Week!

This week is going to be a busy one for me.  Like I mentioned before, I try… key word try here…. to only have one or two appointments a week, so I don’t crash from exhaustion.  This isn’t going to be happening this week!

Tomorrow, I am  getting my Health Card renewed, and then going to get my ultrasound done.  Then I’m coming back to my mom’s place, and heading out from there to my sister’s doctors, to get their flu shots, then visiting my dad.

Wednesday, I have Marlene coming in the morning, and a guy is swinging over to take a look at the end tables I’m selling.  Susan will probably come too the day, otherwise I won’t see her for another week.

Thursday my dad is taking my sis and I shopping for our Christmas gifts.  We just spend the morning together, and then we go out to lunch.  Should be fun 🙂  Then I’m going home with my dad to his place for the night.

Friday, I am going to have to cancel Marlene, bc I won’t be in the city.  Dad is taking me to my Crohn’s Disease appointment as the follow up from my tests. I probably won’t be home until after dinner sometime, bc my appointment isn’t until 3pm.

Yesterday, mom came and got me around 11, and we went to this one place near the mall to go shopping.  I got both my nieces and nephews Christmas presents bought, and my Grandmas.  I also got funky Christmas cards to send out.  Then I went back to my mom’s place and just hung out there until after dinner and came home.

Amanda stopped by here for coffee the other day and we were both coughing up a storm lol.  She brought me a HUGE bag full of movies.  It’s annoying on nights when there’s nothing to watch on tv, or I can’t sleep and there’s only infomercials on lol.  So I told her to grab me some.  I’ve already watched over half!

Oh!  Which reminds me.  Those of you that were looking to get the Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia DVD Changes for free… it’s back on the site to being available!

I still have bronchitis, but it’s slowly getting better every day, and I use the inhaler less and less.  It was sickening trying to remember to take it every 2 hours… and I always forgot until I started into a coughing fit lol.  Sleeping still isn’t easy, but at least I’m getting a few  hours sleep.  Yesterday, I ate my first meal in 3 days.  I didn’t honestly think about it, bc when I’m sick with stuff like that, I just don’t get hungry!

Today, I have a bunch of cleaning left to do, and take the garbage and recycling out, and then I think I’m crashing for a bit.  See why I can’t have a lot on my plate??? lol. Next week, I go to the Cardiologist on Friday, and then going to the dentist the Monday after!  Eek!!! LOL.

Anyway, I will write more probably after my G.I. appointment on Friday when I get home, but for now, cleeeaaannning is calling moi!



3 thoughts on “So Much For One Appointment A Week!

  1. Damn, sounds like you have a busy week ahead of ya hun LOL Sucks to hear about the bronchitis, but glad to hear that you’re getting better.

    I know how it is sometimes when there’s like nothing on tv, and you’ve watched episodes of shows on a certain website 😛 and there’s nothing else on….thank god for movies LOL

    Anyhow hun, I hope this week goes well for you and I’m sure you’ll hear from me soon, be it another message on here or something on facebook 🙂 *hugs*

    …oh btw my “status” on facebook, it’s from a song by the band Helloween called “Don’t Stop Being Crazy” check it out sometime it’s pretty good, and yes you are one of the people that song is directed at 🙂


  2. aw hope the bronchitis eases off soon. all the appts on top and all. spacing them out is a good idea its what i do. yet sometimes you dont get the luxury of this. rest up when you can.x


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