So Much For That Week! Lol

Hey 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well.  It seems like all my POTSy, etc. friends, are getting new diagnosis’ thrown at them left right and center!  Scary to have to deal with yet another health problem!

I am not going to be making it to my Crohn’s Disease appointment tomorrow.  I also didn’t go Christmas shopping with my dad and sister.  Last time I wrote, I felt like I was finally feeling enough relief from the Bronchitis to at least get through the crazy week.  I woke up the next morning full blown sick again with an added Strep Throat!!!

Thankfully I decided before, to fill that prescription for the antibiotic just in case I couldn’t handle the Bronchitis on my own!  I seem to do okay when I start getting better, I bounce back quickly, but when I first get sick, it happens so fast!  Last time I got Step Throat, I waited 3 days before going to the hospital, and it had already gone through my system and became very dangerous!  So I was okay with taking the antibiotic for it lol.

I’ve basically been sleeping, and taking Advil like crazy to deal with the pain all through my body.  It was weird, but it made a huge difference to just deal with being sick.  Today is the first day without having to take it, so even though I feel like complete crap still, I’m more than happy that at least it seems to be letting up a bit!  🙂

I can’t get into the Crohn’s Disease specialists again until December 17!  But I know if there was anything seriously wrong, they would’ve been more worried about me not coming in.  I really don’t think they’ll mind me not coming in with this crap lol.  Plus I’d have to wear a hospital mask, if they would even let me in at all.  They’ve gotten so paranoid at hospitals here since the SAARS outbreak way back.

My youngest nephew won 365 chocolates from his school today for selling the most cheese orders in the class!  I’m really happy for him 🙂 but omg it was just Halloween!  Like he needs more sweets lol.

I canceled seeing my social service worker this week, bc her mom is in a nursing home, and the last thing I want to do, is give it to my SSW when she’s the only family her mom has in the area!  I also canceled my Personal Support Worker.  I had originally bc obviously I was going to be out of town, but I just decided to keep it canceled so I can sleep more!

My mom is going to try to come over this weekend to help me decorate for Christmas.  I just have the tree to do, but that’s the one that makes me faint and sick the most.  I think it’s bc of constantly having my arms in the air putting it together and then stringing the lights.  So we’ll probably do it like last year, and I’ll do the bottom half of the tree, and she’ll do the top lol.  I’m excited bc I get to use my tree skirt finally.

I got my end tables sold!  $30 extra for Christmas presents 🙂 I have my love seat left and my old exercise bike, which I might give away bc I saw an ad for a woman who had a stroke that needs one.

Alright, I got some inhalers to take, then going to have a bath before Grey’s Anatomy starts.  I don’t have another appointment until next Friday, when I go to see my Cardiologist.


4 thoughts on “So Much For That Week! Lol

  1. you certainly are going through the mill. the only thing to do is rest, but arghhh i know resting is sooo boring.

    good luck with the christams tree, will make your place festive and special, you cat sure is cute. x


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