As Per Usual!

I’m not sick…. looking around quick looking for a piece of wood to knock on lol.  After more than two weeks, I’ve finally gotten rid of majority of the bronchitis and strep throat!  Yeah!!!!!!!

All I’m hearing about is Thanksgiving.  I figure the American one is this weekend?  What we do in Canada, is have the weekend off and the Monday following it.   Is that the same for you?

So as per usual the weeks never go as we plan.. and definitely not as I do hehe.  Tomorrow I am doing my Christmas shopping with my dad and step mom, and grabbing some cat food from the animal clinic for Zeus.  Wednesday, I have Marlene coming, and the guy from Shoppers Home Health Care with the grab bar for the shower for me… which reminds me I need to clean the shower BOO lol.

Thursday, my mom is off, so she is taking me to grab my sister’s Christmas gift.  I can’t say what it is obviously, but I’m excited to get it for her.  I have it on a rain check bc they ran out.  So I now have just my parents and step mom to buy for, and Amanda and I have a good idea for dad and Lois so it’s basically just my mom left.

no idea why it’s on a tilt lol was having camera issues

And Friday is the Cardiologist appointment.  Nothing exciting happening there, just going to get a new Beta Blocker to try since Bisoprolol doesn’t work.  And when it did… it made me sicker than a dog.

My mom did come over Friday night, and she helped me get my Christmas tree up.  It looks great 🙂 I love lowering the lights and just relaxing with it.  I have all the Christmas presents so far wrapped too.  We both slept in, and then did a little shopping the next day.  I finally found ginger candies!  I haven’t tried them yet, so I’ll let yas know if they’re any good for nausea when I do.

Anyway, besides that not much else is going on.  Just been at my mom’s visiting with her and my sis and nephew.  Nick’s been such a cutie pie.

Next week is the dentist, and my birthday, and the Pauls family Christmas dinner near where my dad lives.  So I’ll have to do my grocery shopping asap and get whatever I need to bring with me for it.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend, and will write more towards the end of the week!  *hugs*



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