Woo Hoo Feeling Good!

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I was going to be smart, and bring my walker Christmas shopping at the mall today with my dad and Lois, but I didn’t.  I felt dumb.  I know it’s even more dumb to not, and get sick, but oh well LOL.  I did good, and sat on benches, etc. in between.

So for the fun part!  I got a pair of boots, a bra and underwear, coat, sweater, perfume (Amanda the one you chose smells like bug repellent lol), a purse, and I honestly forget.  Maybe another shirt lol.  I’m surprised I remember that much!  I didn’t know half the stuff walking out of the mall, bc by then I was pooped!

We went to Montanna’s for lunch, and I got fish and chips… left overs for dinner tonight! MMM!  And it finally stopped raining!  It’s supposed to snow tonight, but I doubt that will actually happen.

Trying to decide what to get myself for my birthday.  Normally I take the money and use it for Christmas gifts, but this year I finally have enough to spend it on myself!  Was thinking of getting a recumbent bike, and then I’d have some money left over to do whatever with, or I could get a Kobo E Reader, which I’d actually use on a regular basis.  Haven’t decided yet!

Talk to yas later!  The four legged handsome is eying me up for some loving!




4 thoughts on “Woo Hoo Feeling Good!

  1. Like everyone else, glad to hear that you’re feeling better hun *hugs* sounds like you bought some interesting things…..but i noticed you didn’t buy ME anything for christmas…what the hell?! HA HA…just kidding hun. Yeah if you got some birthday cash, might as well spend on yourself…you deserve it hun 🙂


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