Woo Hoo Feeling Good!

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I was going to be smart, and bring my walker Christmas shopping at the mall today with my dad and Lois, but I didn’t.  I felt dumb.  I know it’s even more dumb to not, and get sick, but oh well LOL.  I did good, and sat on benches, etc. in between.

So for the fun part!  I got a pair of boots, a bra and underwear, coat, sweater, perfume (Amanda the one you chose smells like bug repellent lol), a purse, and I honestly forget.  Maybe another shirt lol.  I’m surprised I remember that much!  I didn’t know half the stuff walking out of the mall, bc by then I was pooped!

We went to Montanna’s for lunch, and I got fish and chips… left overs for dinner tonight! MMM!  And it finally stopped raining!  It’s supposed to snow tonight, but I doubt that will actually happen.

Trying to decide what to get myself for my birthday.  Normally I take the money and use it for Christmas gifts, but this year I finally have enough to spend it on myself!  Was thinking of getting a recumbent bike, and then I’d have some money left over to do whatever with, or I could get a Kobo E Reader, which I’d actually use on a regular basis.  Haven’t decided yet!

Talk to yas later!  The four legged handsome is eying me up for some loving!




4 thoughts on “Woo Hoo Feeling Good!

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling good Ash! That doesn’t happen too often for us so it’s even more precious, isn’t it?!?

  2. Like everyone else, glad to hear that you’re feeling better hun *hugs* sounds like you bought some interesting things…..but i noticed you didn’t buy ME anything for christmas…what the hell?! HA HA…just kidding hun. Yeah if you got some birthday cash, might as well spend on yourself…you deserve it hun 🙂

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