Being Haunted By Bisoprolol …

I’m still on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.  I feel like I’m never going to convince him, he just keeps convincing me to stay on it!  *shakes fists* lol.

Alright, so today was my Cardiologist appointment.  My doctor came in, and I explained that my heart rate is better, but I still feel like crap.  So him and I went for a walk around the hospital!  My blood pressure is low for me, but still more than good numbers.  Apparently my heart rate at 85-100bpm resting is still considered too high.  He wants to double my dose of Bisoprolol to 5mg and see if it will bring my heart rate down to around 70-75, so that it will only go to 100-110 standing, and doing normal daily living.  Right now just doing normal stuff, I’ve been lucky having it at only 130-140 bc normally it would be closer to 180bpm.  I actually laughed when he said a normal person without pots, has a standing heart rate of around 90-100!  So low!!!  He said I’ll probably never get to that, but he’s going to fight to get it as close as possible, without compromising my sitting heart rate.  So here we go again!  Bc it took me a month and a couple weeks to get over the horrible effects of 2.5mg, I won’t see him again until February.  So I am most likely going to be miss puke and tired face until around New Years.  Whippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, Amanda and I are going to the mall to pick up our own Christmas gifts for mom.  Her and Grams have gotten us a couple things, but wants us to just pick out and get the rest lol.  Works for us!  We’re going tonight, on crazy sale night, bc tomorrow, it’s supposed to be freezing rain, etc.

I got Amanda’s Christmas gift yesterday when it came in to Home Hardware.  I got her the Peanuts 60 years collectible Charlie Brown‘s Christmas Tree.  She’s always loved it, so I found it and decided to get it for her.  I gave it to her yesterday, bc what’s the point, if she can’t use it to decorate with now?  I’m glad she liked it 🙂

Before I left for my appointment today, I had Marlene my Personal Support Worker, and also the guy from Shopper’s Home Health Care.  He dropped off my grab bar for the shower for me!  I’ll test it out tomorrow and see how it works 🙂  I just got the suctioned one, for until I move (that could be any time) and then I’ll try with the installation ones.

I also received in the mail, even though on Chapters website, it is classified as not even having been shipped yet, the book, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autoimmune Disorders.  I’ve only read the first chapter, and already learned so many interesting facts so far!

Alright, gotta head out to get ready to go with my Sweet Cheeks.




4 thoughts on “Being Haunted By Bisoprolol …

  1. Thanks for the share, Ash. 🙂 I know I have some autoimmune issues but am not sure if I have an actual disorder. I’m glad you’re finding good information in that book!

    As for your cardiology appointment, I think that you have to decide if the benefit of bisoprolol is worth the side effects. Atenolol did not work well for me so I stopped taking it but metoprolol, along with midodrine, is working quite well for me. My point is that, if you feel it is making you feel worse then maybe he should try you on a different BB instead of upping the dose of your current one. You have to do what’s best for you. Take care. 🙂


    • THANK YOU! That’s what I said, I wanted to try something different. But he thinks, since the side effects went away after about a month (which was also when my heart rate started to go higher again) So he thinks, if he ups it, it will make my heart rate even lower, and the side effects will eventually disappear. I think it makes sense, but this is my last go. I’ve done midodrine, metoprolol, and propolol and every time the same thing.

      PS pots is now considered an autoimmune disease 😉 so you do have one.. and so is eds since I think you said you have that as well.


  2. i didnt know that pots and eds was auto immune thanks for sharing that info ash.

    i had problems with the beta blockers. my pulse was ok laying down yet on standing went beserk up to 185. so i can only tolerate a low dose of bb. when the dr tried to up it from 40mg to 45mg laying pulse went down to 36 and i had problems.

    good luck with the meds, so tedious sometimes, you just wish life could be a bit simple. x


    • OOo that’s scary! Well I just took my first dose of 5mg. so I’ll definitely keep watch on my resting heart rate too! That’s the one I don’t check as much usually. Actually, I had never heard of it before, but it’s actually Dysautonomia as a whole that’s an autoimmune disease, but I suppose it makes sense! It effects all the major nerve areas that would affect our immune system, causing it to attack itself. It must be really new (being classed as one) bc I read a book from a few yrs ago when they were just starting to consider it.


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