Heyas 🙂

I actually had a GOOD dentist appointment today.  I was getting the moulds made for the mouth gaurd bc I grind my teeth like crazy.  I was afraid at some point, I’d have to be touched with their little metal prods which send shooting pain through me, but thankfully not!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!

It’s weird.  They use this metal spatual with side, and put what looks like sticky bubble gum all over it, and then they press it to your upper mouth and hold it about a minute until it dries, and then they repeat the same on the bottom.  I got my tongue stuck to it for a few seconds lol.  Not recommended for people with weak gag reflexes!

Then they put with what looks like a cocking gun, this blue gel along the top of your bottom teeth and you bite down for a minute, and then they remove it, and that’s it!  Outside of picking the pink gum like stuff out of between your teeth for a bit, it’s no big deal! lol.

I go back in two weeks to get my night gaurd, and to make sure it fits properly.

I go in February for my check up and teeth cleaning aka total hell of pain unless they freeze me up with stuff that makes me shake worse than a person with parkasins!  But bc of me being diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse, and Fibromyalgia since I was there last year, I have to double check with my Cardiologist to make sure I don’t have to go on antibiotics before hand.

Oh yeah and good news!  I went a whole 5 days of not having the Strep Throat, and Bronchitis, and I caught a cold!!!  I was afraid bc my throat was pretty sore, that I’d catch Strep Throat again, but thankfully it’s stayed as just a cold.  I have a feeling it was that *(^(*^)((& at the hospital who coughed in the elevator without covering her mouth.  The dirty &^$^&$&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

On Bisoprolol news, I was expecting the horrible side effects and so far I have none!  Whippee!  The only bad thing… NOTHING has changed.  Not my heart rate, my blood pressure, or any of my symptoms.  I’ll give it a month, and then call him to see what he says if there’s no change at all.  I would’ve taken the crappy side effects for a month or two if it mean’t some good, but so far nothing!  So I’ll keep updating on how that goes.

My Grams, was going to give me the rest of my Christmas presents as a gift card to Walmart, but I’ve decided to just ask for it in cash.  That way I can get the EReader and the recumbent bike.

Anyway, I’m at my mom’s visiting, but her and my sis are both asleep lol.  Nick will be done school soon, so I’m going to read until then.

Take Care!


2 thoughts on “Grrrrrind!

  1. sorry the bb arent working. its a pain to keep swapping meds, but i suppose necessary.

    i dislike that feeling you have when they take a mold of your teeth, yuck, cold yucky feeling yet if its going to help you stop grinding thats a good thing. x


    • Yeah the Beta blocker fight is worth it if it means the doctors are at least still trying! LOL I didn’t mind the mold so much, only bc I went there for once and it didn’t hurt lol.


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