I’m Moving!

I finally got all the Christmas photos from everyone, but my sis so I can show some on here!

Great news though!  I went to look at the apartment I’d been waiting to see, and it’s so nice!  Flat gray carpet in the living room, old hardwood floors in the bedroom, and tile everywhere else.  There’s two big windows in the front, and one in the bedroom.  VERY small, but enough room for everything I’m keeping.  The only difference will be I’m taking my love seat, instead of the couch.

The kitchen in bigger than the one I have now, so tons of room to roll around in my walker or wheel chair.  There’s no dining room, but room in the living room to the side for my table still.  I will have to get a coat rack bc there’s no closet when you first come in.

Off the bedroom, there is a big walk in closet which will be great for storage too, and the bathroom has shelving for my towels, etc. plus another shelving area for my toiletries, etc.  The walk in shower is actually a really nice big one, so there’s definitely room for my shower chair in there.  It sucks there’s no bath, but I don’t mind since POTS makes it hard to take baths anyway.

In the front yard there’s flower beds with trees and plants, plus room for me to set out a little tables and my lawn chairs.  None of the other apartments are back there either, so it works out.  Plus now there probably is a laundry room right off my apartment.  I just have to walk around back to get to it which isn’t far.  It’s less than a half a block to the nearest bus stop, which is actually the bus I take from my place here, so I know the times.  Garbage is the same day, I just have to pay for my tags, which is cool for the little amount of garbage I have each week.

I’ll be moving in March 1st.  Since I’ve been here over two years, disability will help me pay for movers.  Susan, my Social Service Worker, wants me to get movers that will pack and unpack my things, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that.  I am definitely going to need help getting stuff off top shelves down, but if I sit and pace myself, I think I can do it.  I do have to start getting rid of stuff soon though.  Thankfully Amanda is taking a lot of it!

On the 26th, Boxing Day, Amanda and I went to spend our gift certificates.  I spent mine at Walmart, on a new memory foam pillow, and some lipstick and mascara.

Anyway, just wanted to update.  I hope you all have a great New Years!



Hope You All Had A Merry Christmas :)

Hey everyone!  I meant to write just before Christmas, but I’d been so tired out I just wanted to relax before the festivities began 🙂  I hope you all had a great Christmas, and got to spend it with family, etc.  I had a great one 🙂  The past couple years, to me, it didn’t feel like Christmas and really bummed me out, bc you want to have that loving magical cheesy feeling, but this year definitely did!  Since I’m not a religious person, I love Christmas bc of the Christmas tree which is relaxing and pretty, and bc in my family we all naturally make that much more of an effort to enjoy our day and have everyone else to too.

Before I get into how Christmas was, etc.  Nick had his 5th birthday last Sunday.  It was hilarious fun.  My sister made super hero costumes for him, Liam and Emma (his two best friends) and she dressed up as this hilarious looking bad guy called, Ms. Tickles.  We got them all in their costumes and gave them silly string, and then Amanda came down all dressed up as a surprise, and they attacked her with the silly string lol.  Everyone was dieing laughing at her.  She made a really cool birthday cake for him, that was Scarecrow from the Batman DS game that Nick plays, and it turned out amazing!  Pretty damn tasty too lol.

We went with the kids, Meghan (Liam’s mom) and her boyfriend Bret, and took them to McDonald’s for lunch.  Afterward, they all played in the play room while we all caught up.  I got the cutest Christmas card from Meghan, which had a picture of Liam sitting on Santa’s lap, and he was so serious looking, in mid conversation with him lol.  Then we came back to the house to have cake, and my dad and Lois came which was really nice 🙂 and then Nick opened his presents.  I stayed for a little while longer, to watch the kids play with some of the stuff Nick got, then I came back home.

Christmas Eve, we always go to my dad’s for dinner.  My step brothers, and nieces, and Josh, my oldest niece’s boyfriend were there, and Lois’ sister and husband Marg and Terry who I absolutely adore, and Kiet and Diane friends of the family, who are like an aunt and uncle to me came too.  My oldest nephew Travis didn’t come bc my brother is being a goof and didn’t end up coming out, so Travis couldn’t either.  I miss him so much!  We all opened our gifts, and had a YUMMY dinner hehe.  We also got to see Joey and Lisa, more family/friends.  It was a great time.

Instead of coming home like I normally do, Amanda and Nick convinced me to stay over night, so I’d get to see Nick open his presents first thing in the morning.  Nick convinced me to sleep with him.  I never thought about how excited kids are and how they have a hard time sleeping!!!  LOL.  Amanda was in another bed, but in the same room, so at first I had constant giggle fits and couldn’t stop laughing.  Then Amanda started into the giggles but finally fell asleep.  Nick on the other hand kept me up ALL night talking until almost 5am!!!  That was when he decided to jump into the bed with Amanda, and I was out instantly lol. I woke up bc I heard Amanda leaving the room and I open my eyes and Nick is standing above me and said, “I actually slept!  So Santa must have came!” and I said merry Christmas and he leaned down and gave me a kiss before going on a freaking out spree to get everyone else up lol.

He got this gross tarantula toy that runs around with a remote.  So me and Nick laid on the living room floor and had the thing run into my Grandma‘s feet making her freak out lol.

We all had a big breakfast, and my mom took me down to my place to unload my gifts, and see my Zeusy.  I had to change his litter and give him fresh water.  We relaxed there for a bit to give him attention, and then went back up to mom’s to meet everyone else and drove over to see my Grandpa in the nursing home.  He was so unGodly pale!!!  But he was in good spirits, and we got a nurse to take some family pictures of us.

We came back home and just relaxed until dinner time, which was another yummy meal, and then I had my sister take me home.  I just spent the evening watching movies and relaxing with my cat 🙂  I missed him terribly it was pathetic lol.  It feels weird not sleeping with him when I’m so used to it!  So when we went to bed last night, I was out like a light bc I was so comfortable… and tired from barely any sleep the night before LOL.

Today, Amanda and I are going to Walmart to spend our gift certificates.  We might be going to a movie, but the one we were going to see isn’t in the theatre here yet, so not sure what’s going on.  Nick’s going to his other grandparent’s big family dinner, and aunt Kelly is still down until around Wednesday I think.

It’s now after 12pm and I want to get a bath in with some of the bath stuff I got from Jess (my niece) and Josh. So I will head out and write again soon.



PS Oh yeah!  I chopped my hair off again… then I hated it, so I came home and chopped more off myself LOL.  Also got a surprise CD in the mail from my cousin Natasha, fully of punk Christmas music all done by people we went to high school with 🙂  It’s actually REALLY good!

Good But Looong Day! :)

For once Zeus let me sleep… and then I got RSL and ended up being awake untl 6:30am!!!  I got up at 9:30 bc my personal support worker was coming.  I was so tired and out of it!  I kept trying to sleep in the car, but then my legs would drive me nuts!  Nothing is happening tomorrow, so I can sleep in 🙂

Today went good!  I knew there was nothing serious with my Crohn’s Disease, or from the results from the lower and upper endoscopy bc they never called to get me in quicker.  So apparently there is a little tiny bit of inflammation in the Ilium, but nothing to be concerned about.  I think more just to make sure I eat right and take care of my Crohn’s so it doesn’t progress into anything worse.  My upper endoscopy looked great, which is awesome!  I was worried I’d have GERD or something, that would cause me to have to get more throat scopes later on LOL.   I know I said it wasn’t that bad… and it was no where near what I expected, but I still don’t want to get them either! lol.

So basically what is going on, is what happened after my last relapse.  They found nerve damage in my intestines back then (also when my POTS started to rear it’s lovely head) so they put me on Amitriptyline and it helped with the symptoms.  So this time around since I’m not on it anymore, and haven’t been for about 3 years or so, and also bc it can aggravate my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, I obviously can’t go on it again.  What they’re doing is giving me a prescription to treat the stomach burn, and that will hopefully help with the pain a bit too, but since I’ve had a little bit of pain all along… we’re willing to give this a go first.  So thanx to POTS and Fibromyalgia, it has got the nerves doing their little dance again and causing me grief.  We’re hoping it will just die down on its own, since I have had a wonderful Crohn’s history as of yet.  I heal super fast!

We were gone ALL day.  It’s 8pm, and I got home around 7pm.  I’m exhausted, but happy with the results 🙂 I figured it would be the nerve damage as long as the report from the scopes came back good, so I’m happy with dealing with something I’ve already had to!  I got back in 6 months.  Of course I forgot to rebook while I was there LOL.

We went to Giant Tiger in Kingston while we were there, so mom could get some of her Christmas shopping done, and then they dropped me off at home on the way.  Speaking of Kingston, TAPS was at Old Fort Henry there!  That’s awesome, bc I lived near by there.  Apparently it’s considered one of the most haunted places in Canada, which is funny bc I never knew it was even speculated to be haunted at all lol.

Yesterday, I got my mouth guard and it fits great!  Not too bad, but still weird to get used to! hehe.  I have to go back in near the end of January for my teeth cleaning *shudders* and apparently I have cavities from the last time I got my teeth cleaned, and I never knew!  Lol, so I’m getting them fixed first!  EEEEEEK!  I’ll spazz for sure, as the time gets closer lol.  And nicely enough… I have no more doctors appointments of any kind until then!  I have over a month with none!  I’m so happy to have a bit of a break lol.

Sunday is Nick’s 5th birthday, so I will be at my mom’s celebrating with them.  I’m excited to go since I couldn’t last year.  Some of us and the kids, are going to McDonald’s before then, to take them for lunch, and let them play in the big play area.  I’ll definitely have my camera for that 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well, and will write again soon! Mwah!


Allergy Testing

*&%*&%(*&% Oh yes.. the (*^(*&^&% is starting again! lol

"I didn't do anything"

Anyone who complains about being pricked by that razor like thing during an allergy test needs to shut up lol.  It’s nothing!  Even a little wee one was getting it done next door to me and didn’t even make a peep!

So I’m happy to say I’m not too too allergic to any outdoor indoor allergens.  I was actually surprised on the inside allergens considering I’m sneezing constantly and my nose has been stuffed since I was in 5th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They didn’t do a food allergy test… why?  I don’t have a clue.  I said I wanted it, bc it might explain why my Crohn’s has been being a (*^*^)&*% and it’s so common with us POTSy’s to have deadly allergies, AND it runs in my family… but nooooooo.  Apparently I’m stuffy because I have Asthma.  WTF????  And they said since my nose is always so stuffed and I have constant headaches around my sinus cavity… but have never found an over the counter medication that works… they don’t know what to do for me.  WTF????  That’s total nonsense.  I waited over 6 months to be shoved out the door with no answers, still not having a solution to why my nose has been stuffed for over 17 years?  Can you really have stuffed nose ALL THE TIME from Asthma alone?  One of you crazies must have asthma.  Hheeeeelp me!  I’m bitchy… but in a silly mood too bc of lack of sleep so it’s making quite the interesting combination!

I got a Christmas card from my uncle George and aunt Joan.  My uncle is like the biggest flatterer that ever lived when it comes to his nieces!  Every time he sees any of us.. and there are a lot of us, he always says how beautiful we are… except when he saw me when I first came home from the hospital after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  That day he just went on and one about poop LOL.  Anyway lol in the card at the top it says, “Love you beautiful!” lol.  I don’t think anyone has met my aunt Joan and uncle George and not fallen right in love with them.  They’re so adorable the way they talk to each other too.  This is the aunt I mentioned back around Canada’s Thanksgiving who has Dysautonomia too, but she has brachycardia.  Amazing people.

Tomorrow my mom is running me down to the dentist to see if the mouth guard fits this time… I hope it does, why doesn’t mouth guards like me?  It’s not like I was moving during the molding.. though I’m surprised I wasn’t!  I’m a pretty antsy person! lol.

Anyway, going to head out and terrorize my cat Zeus.  He was sleeping on my legs last night and decided to roll on his side and rolled right off me and started screeching!  Gave me and him both a nice heart stopper.  Plus he was constantly climbing on my guts.. and he’s by no means light!  And if he wasn’t doing that, he was either on the floor screaming, chasing my hands and feet under the covers, or jumping at every little sound scaring the bajeebers out of me.  So I got a whole hours sleep… now I’m keeping him awake as revenge, and maybe the little bugger will sleep tonight!


PS anyone have a Kobo E Reader???  How the (*^(*^&*(&)(*&)(*%^#%# do you gets books from other sites other than Kobo, and get them on the &^$^%& desktop application???????????????????  It’s driving me crazy and I can’t figure it out!

Why Couldn’t This Happen NEXT Month!!??

I’m stressed!!!  Of course that means I’m having money issues again, which is the thing that always the thing to stress me out fastest!  I had enough money in my account to pay my student line of credit, and to get my step mom and dad and Christmas gift.  That won’t be happening now.  The bank decided to take out almost $100 out of my account.  I love my dad dearly, but this is the third time he’s been late making his part of the payment.  I am so lucky that he is willing to help me with it, but every time he’s late, money gets taken out of my account… money I don’t have to spare!  So now the one month I get money (for my birthday) to spend on my self (which is the first time in years this has happened bc I usually put it towards xmas gifts) and now I have to use the $50 and put it on my student loan.  Usually ODSP puts January’s money in early, and if they do again this year, I will be able to pay the loan for this month, but still not have enough for their present.  This really sucks.  I had everything budgeted perfectly, and this happens, which I could do nothing to prevent.

I went to the dentist this morning to get my mouth guard and it didn’t fit.  It was the perfect shape of my teeth, but it wasn’t holding into my front teeth, only the back, so it easily slipped out.  My dentist rebooked another appointment for me on Thursday morning, and he’s sending it back for the company who made it, to fix it.  Now I have four appointments this week instead of the 3.  I’m going to crash this weekend for sure, and I can’t bc it’s Nick’s birthday.

I got my new Health Card in the mail this morning too, and my last one was taken way back about 5 yrs ago or more, and it looked like me just up close… which is weird, why do they do that???? lol But this one is hilarious!  I got myself put together nicely for the photo, but I was so sick that day and was in a righteous bitch of a mood… and it looks like it in the photo too!  Classic prison photo.  And of course close up.   If I had a scanner I’d put it on here to give you guys and gals a good laugh lol.

So I finally got my ass in gear to look for a doctor who specializes in EDS, and I come to find out there are none in Ontario!!!  There was a nation wide EDS site to find specialists… but that got closed down bc it’s so rare in Canada!  So basically people with EDS here get NO treatment at all!  That is crazy!

Amanda is taking a whack load of the crap I was going to give away furniture, etc. wise so that’s wikid.  And my mom is taking my bed, so I can keep my ever loving futon mmm I love it!  So I need to get that crap ready to go, along with Amanda’s movies, and some stuff of mine she wanted to borrow.  Plus Wednesday I have Marlene first thing in the morning, then off to the Allergist, who thank God is in Belleville!  Then Thursday morning, back to the dentist at 9am, then Friday morning I have Marlene coming again (PSW) and then off to Kingston to see the G.I. doctors finally about the test results from my scopes.  I also have to call my Cardiologist for the dentist, and call and make an appointment with my family doctor about my sleep study.  Ahhhhhh!  Then Saturday is Nick’s birthday like I mentioned.  He is having a Transformers themed birthday I think.

I also finally got all of my Christmas cards sent out.  Then for now anyway, I will then have the week before Christmas to relax.  At some point this week, I’m to go look at that apartment with Susan too!  How that’s going to be fit in I have NO idea.

Now I’m ready Dark Prophecy, the 2nd digi novel by Anthony Zuiker.  It’s really good so far!

If you were wondering where I was yesterday for my Facebook friends.  I hadn’t slept the night before, and crashed around 8am… and then woke up in the middle of the night yesterday lol.  Sundays are normally my day for doing all my cleaning, etc. and I obviously got none of it done, so I’m trying to today before I finally crash and burn.

Will talk to you all after my appointment with the Allergist.  Take Care!


Packing, cleaning Achoo!

Hey!  I’m loving this cold weather!   It’s GREAT for sleeping.  My only big thing with falling asleep lately is I get Restless Leg Syndrome right as I’m about to fall asleep!  I twirl my legs in the weirdest way to try to stall it off, and if it gets bad enough it goes into my arm too!  Almost always on my left side.  Anyone have any non pill related tips I could try?  It can literally keep me up all night sometimes, even when I’m exhausted, so any tips would be good.

Well today I have a little bit of energy, so I am cleaning out my computer area.  There’s so many old phone books, papers, medical crap, computer parts I’m not using since I’m using the laptop with the computer monitor.  It’s been driving me crazy!  And I knew it was going to be the most time spent area going through things when packing, so I figured why not get it done with now!  Driving my allergies nuts, but I’ll feel so much better once it’s done!

I’m also going through all the stuff I don’t use and taking pictures to post of the Free Cycle site, so I can get rid of the crap!  My sis is going to take a bunch of it off me, thank God, so that’s even less I have to worry about.  I’m just basically either filing it or throwing it out in recycling!  I have only been here a little over 2 years, and it’s crazy the amount of sheer crap you accumulate.  I’m the complete opposite of a pack rat too, but since I want to be in a smaller place, a lot of this stuff just won’t fit!

It’s only Monday, and I’ve had a few days just to relax aka crash and sleep.  It’s great, but boring bc I’m not used to being bogged down with doctors appointments lol.  I like it though!  Allowing me to get some other stuff done that I usually can’t deal with after a long day.  But next week will be interesting.  Monday, dentist to get mouth guard, Wednesday to the allergist here in Belleville, Friday to Kingston for the Crohn’s specialist.  I didn’t realize that I was jamming them all into one week since most of them were booked months ago.

I got a letter from the Neurologist.  Instead of going in to see him in March, I’ll be going in February instead.  Quite a while sill, but happy that it’s slowly getting closer and closer!  As weird and annoying as getting poked with potential allergens will be, I’m really excited about going to the Allergist.  I just think the whole process is fascinating, and it will be interesting to see what they find!  I need to make an appointment with my family doctor soon, but I keep putting it off. Blaaaah lol.

Alright, break time is over!  Back to work!


Ahhhh Relaxation!

I had a GREAT birthday.  I gotta be honest, I didn’t feel too great though.  I got my sleeping messed up the day before, and was really later for my two major med.s and it messed my POTS up a bit.  I guess that’s a good sign that maybe my Beta Blocker is working though! 🙂

I went to my mom’s after her and Nick decorated the place.  He was going to do a Mad Hatter theme for me, but the poor little guy was so sick.  I guess he was up during the night with a fever of 102!  He was all excited to surprise me when I got there, but he ended up falling asleep on the couch.  You could tell he felt rough.

My sister and Nick surprised me by buying me way too much!  I’ve been looking for years, for a pumpkin scented candle, in one of those glass containers with a lid, and she found me one 🙂  It smells so yummy!  She also gave me the HellBlazer comics I picked out when we were shopping a while ago, a note book bc I’m always doing to do lists, and the little shit got me a gift card for Chapters so I could put some more books on my EReader!  I picked out Prophecy, the second digi novel by the guy who does CSI, and Mini Shopaholic.  I can’t wait to read them!!!

They had balloons on the wall, and streamers coming down from the light fixture above the table, and we had a yummy boiled dinner and my Grams homemade wackie cake which I LOVE!!!!  I also got a nice card in the mail from my friend Megan, and a picture of her and her daughter, who is growing up WAY too fast.  Speaking of pictures, I got from Amanda, Nick’s school photos too 🙂  So I have them all over my apartment now and one in my wallet to show off with my other nephew and nieces photos 🙂

I didn’t go to see the apartment yesterday bc I have a cold still, and now feels like it’s getting worse.  I could have gone, I just didn’t want to risk getting Susan my Social Service Worker sick.

This morning Marlene my Personal Support Worker is coming.  She’ll be here in about a half hour, and other than that I have nothing on the agenda until I got to the dentist in about a week and a half.  I’m not going to go to the Pauls family Christmas dinner tomorrow bc I’m feeling pretty rough, and I do not want to risk getting my uncle sick when he’s been so badly run down.  My dad will give me a nice guilt trip, but by the look of Nick yesterday, I’d say Amanda won’t be driving out there either, so he’ll just have to deal with it.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well, and I will write again soon, if not after my dentist appointment.  Take Care!