Happy Unbirthday to You to You to YOU!

Marlene my Personal Support Worker came by… well I suppose yesterday now since it’s almost 5am lol.  She bought me this beautiful gray cardigan for my birthday.  It’s really comfy fabric, but has really cool stitching in the back.  It’s nice 🙂 I never expected to get anything from her.  I am pretty sure she thought it was my birthday yesterday, bc she seemed all sad that I was just going to stay at home lol.

I actually ended up falling asleep after she left, and didn’t wake up until late into the night!  I woke up feeling full blown sick, but now it’s dulled back down to that cold I had with just a worse cough.  I am supposed to go to my Pauls family dinner this Saturday, and I don’t think I’ll be able to go sick bc my uncle Larry (at his and my aunt Reta’s house this year) has been on dialysis and been very ill.  I don’t want to risk making him worse!  But I’ll talk to my aunt later today, and ask her about it.

Susan, my Social Service Worker called today, and her friend found a cute small one bedroom house in the nice end of Belleville, in a house.  Apparently it’s very vacationy like and there’s a private backyard area!  She and I, are going to drive by to see the house this morning, and then next week, we are going to go see the apartment inside.  They’re willing to hold the place for February for me, which would be awesome, but I’d have to give my notice asap since I have to give this rental company notice 2 months beforehand.

Tuesday was busy but fun.  Amanda and Nick picked me up and we went to Walmart where I got coughed on by some &*%&%&*% guy that works there. lol yes, all people who cough on me are *&^*&%&*%’s 🙂 .  Then we went back and dropped Amanda’s groceries off, then went to Shannonville, and the dropped mine off.  THEN, we went to the dollar store where I got a bunch of cool helpful things for around the apartment, that will be great for when my Fibromyalgia kicks in, like a jar opener, etc.

From there, we went and picked up my mom at work, and then went to Chapters, where I got my Kobo E Reader!  It comes with 100 books in it already, all classics, and then I got two free newer books.  One I actually own, but the other looks good.  The only shitty part about it, is that in order to get the two free ones, you still need to put your credit card info. in even though it won’t be charged.  Problem is, I don’t own a credit card!  GGggrrrr! lol.

Nick is too funny (he is only 4).  He was talking to my grandma who doesn’t have the best of hearing about both his and my birthdays, being this month.  He comes upstairs to where I am and asks me when my birthday is, and I told him, and he said that his birthday must be on the 3rd then since it’s after mine.  I explained his was after mine, but not until the 19th which would be two weeks and 3 days after mine.  He looks at me all disgruntled and says, “Ya, well that’s crap!!”  and stomps off to yell at my grandma for making him think it was closer lol.

Later today, for my actual birthday, since a lot of people thought it was on the first lol, I am going up to my mom’s where Nick picked out the theme for my birthday dinner… should be interesting.  My aunt Kelly got Halloween, and my sis got a princess theme lol.  But we are going to be having a boiled dinner 🙂 my fav.  And instead of getting some fancy cakes that makes everyone feel like death after eating, my grams is making me her homemade chocolate Wacky Cake.  I love it!  It’s my favorite cake yum yum yum lol.  And doesn’t bother my stomach as much as store bought ones do!

Anyway, I am going to head out and take a bath, and attempt to sleep a few hours before Susan comes!  Hope you all are feeling good, and enjoying the cold weather!  I hear snow plows… lots of snow out, but not snowing I don’t think.  Hopefully it will be!  *hugs*


2 thoughts on “Happy Unbirthday to You to You to YOU!

  1. Hi Fruit!~Happy Birthday again!!I feel like crap too!!!I hope you have a wonderful Happy Birthday and enjoy that homeade chocolate wacky cake…it sounds divine!~Much love!~Loop


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