Ahhhh Relaxation!

I had a GREAT birthday.  I gotta be honest, I didn’t feel too great though.  I got my sleeping messed up the day before, and was really later for my two major med.s and it messed my POTS up a bit.  I guess that’s a good sign that maybe my Beta Blocker is working though! 🙂

I went to my mom’s after her and Nick decorated the place.  He was going to do a Mad Hatter theme for me, but the poor little guy was so sick.  I guess he was up during the night with a fever of 102!  He was all excited to surprise me when I got there, but he ended up falling asleep on the couch.  You could tell he felt rough.

My sister and Nick surprised me by buying me way too much!  I’ve been looking for years, for a pumpkin scented candle, in one of those glass containers with a lid, and she found me one 🙂  It smells so yummy!  She also gave me the HellBlazer comics I picked out when we were shopping a while ago, a note book bc I’m always doing to do lists, and the little shit got me a gift card for Chapters so I could put some more books on my EReader!  I picked out Prophecy, the second digi novel by the guy who does CSI, and Mini Shopaholic.  I can’t wait to read them!!!

They had balloons on the wall, and streamers coming down from the light fixture above the table, and we had a yummy boiled dinner and my Grams homemade wackie cake which I LOVE!!!!  I also got a nice card in the mail from my friend Megan, and a picture of her and her daughter, who is growing up WAY too fast.  Speaking of pictures, I got from Amanda, Nick’s school photos too 🙂  So I have them all over my apartment now and one in my wallet to show off with my other nephew and nieces photos 🙂

I didn’t go to see the apartment yesterday bc I have a cold still, and now feels like it’s getting worse.  I could have gone, I just didn’t want to risk getting Susan my Social Service Worker sick.

This morning Marlene my Personal Support Worker is coming.  She’ll be here in about a half hour, and other than that I have nothing on the agenda until I got to the dentist in about a week and a half.  I’m not going to go to the Pauls family Christmas dinner tomorrow bc I’m feeling pretty rough, and I do not want to risk getting my uncle sick when he’s been so badly run down.  My dad will give me a nice guilt trip, but by the look of Nick yesterday, I’d say Amanda won’t be driving out there either, so he’ll just have to deal with it.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well, and I will write again soon, if not after my dentist appointment.  Take Care!



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