Packing, cleaning Achoo!

Hey!  I’m loving this cold weather!   It’s GREAT for sleeping.  My only big thing with falling asleep lately is I get Restless Leg Syndrome right as I’m about to fall asleep!  I twirl my legs in the weirdest way to try to stall it off, and if it gets bad enough it goes into my arm too!  Almost always on my left side.  Anyone have any non pill related tips I could try?  It can literally keep me up all night sometimes, even when I’m exhausted, so any tips would be good.

Well today I have a little bit of energy, so I am cleaning out my computer area.  There’s so many old phone books, papers, medical crap, computer parts I’m not using since I’m using the laptop with the computer monitor.  It’s been driving me crazy!  And I knew it was going to be the most time spent area going through things when packing, so I figured why not get it done with now!  Driving my allergies nuts, but I’ll feel so much better once it’s done!

I’m also going through all the stuff I don’t use and taking pictures to post of the Free Cycle site, so I can get rid of the crap!  My sis is going to take a bunch of it off me, thank God, so that’s even less I have to worry about.  I’m just basically either filing it or throwing it out in recycling!  I have only been here a little over 2 years, and it’s crazy the amount of sheer crap you accumulate.  I’m the complete opposite of a pack rat too, but since I want to be in a smaller place, a lot of this stuff just won’t fit!

It’s only Monday, and I’ve had a few days just to relax aka crash and sleep.  It’s great, but boring bc I’m not used to being bogged down with doctors appointments lol.  I like it though!  Allowing me to get some other stuff done that I usually can’t deal with after a long day.  But next week will be interesting.  Monday, dentist to get mouth guard, Wednesday to the allergist here in Belleville, Friday to Kingston for the Crohn’s specialist.  I didn’t realize that I was jamming them all into one week since most of them were booked months ago.

I got a letter from the Neurologist.  Instead of going in to see him in March, I’ll be going in February instead.  Quite a while sill, but happy that it’s slowly getting closer and closer!  As weird and annoying as getting poked with potential allergens will be, I’m really excited about going to the Allergist.  I just think the whole process is fascinating, and it will be interesting to see what they find!  I need to make an appointment with my family doctor soon, but I keep putting it off. Blaaaah lol.

Alright, break time is over!  Back to work!


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