Why Couldn’t This Happen NEXT Month!!??

I’m stressed!!!  Of course that means I’m having money issues again, which is the thing that always the thing to stress me out fastest!  I had enough money in my account to pay my student line of credit, and to get my step mom and dad and Christmas gift.  That won’t be happening now.  The bank decided to take out almost $100 out of my account.  I love my dad dearly, but this is the third time he’s been late making his part of the payment.  I am so lucky that he is willing to help me with it, but every time he’s late, money gets taken out of my account… money I don’t have to spare!  So now the one month I get money (for my birthday) to spend on my self (which is the first time in years this has happened bc I usually put it towards xmas gifts) and now I have to use the $50 and put it on my student loan.  Usually ODSP puts January’s money in early, and if they do again this year, I will be able to pay the loan for this month, but still not have enough for their present.  This really sucks.  I had everything budgeted perfectly, and this happens, which I could do nothing to prevent.

I went to the dentist this morning to get my mouth guard and it didn’t fit.  It was the perfect shape of my teeth, but it wasn’t holding into my front teeth, only the back, so it easily slipped out.  My dentist rebooked another appointment for me on Thursday morning, and he’s sending it back for the company who made it, to fix it.  Now I have four appointments this week instead of the 3.  I’m going to crash this weekend for sure, and I can’t bc it’s Nick’s birthday.

I got my new Health Card in the mail this morning too, and my last one was taken way back about 5 yrs ago or more, and it looked like me just up close… which is weird, why do they do that???? lol But this one is hilarious!  I got myself put together nicely for the photo, but I was so sick that day and was in a righteous bitch of a mood… and it looks like it in the photo too!  Classic prison photo.  And of course close up.   If I had a scanner I’d put it on here to give you guys and gals a good laugh lol.

So I finally got my ass in gear to look for a doctor who specializes in EDS, and I come to find out there are none in Ontario!!!  There was a nation wide EDS site to find specialists… but that got closed down bc it’s so rare in Canada!  So basically people with EDS here get NO treatment at all!  That is crazy!

Amanda is taking a whack load of the crap I was going to give away furniture, etc. wise so that’s wikid.  And my mom is taking my bed, so I can keep my ever loving futon mmm I love it!  So I need to get that crap ready to go, along with Amanda’s movies, and some stuff of mine she wanted to borrow.  Plus Wednesday I have Marlene first thing in the morning, then off to the Allergist, who thank God is in Belleville!  Then Thursday morning, back to the dentist at 9am, then Friday morning I have Marlene coming again (PSW) and then off to Kingston to see the G.I. doctors finally about the test results from my scopes.  I also have to call my Cardiologist for the dentist, and call and make an appointment with my family doctor about my sleep study.  Ahhhhhh!  Then Saturday is Nick’s birthday like I mentioned.  He is having a Transformers themed birthday I think.

I also finally got all of my Christmas cards sent out.  Then for now anyway, I will then have the week before Christmas to relax.  At some point this week, I’m to go look at that apartment with Susan too!  How that’s going to be fit in I have NO idea.

Now I’m ready Dark Prophecy, the 2nd digi novel by Anthony Zuiker.  It’s really good so far!

If you were wondering where I was yesterday for my Facebook friends.  I hadn’t slept the night before, and crashed around 8am… and then woke up in the middle of the night yesterday lol.  Sundays are normally my day for doing all my cleaning, etc. and I obviously got none of it done, so I’m trying to today before I finally crash and burn.

Will talk to you all after my appointment with the Allergist.  Take Care!



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