Allergy Testing

*&%*&%(*&% Oh yes.. the (*^(*&^&% is starting again! lol

"I didn't do anything"

Anyone who complains about being pricked by that razor like thing during an allergy test needs to shut up lol.  It’s nothing!  Even a little wee one was getting it done next door to me and didn’t even make a peep!

So I’m happy to say I’m not too too allergic to any outdoor indoor allergens.  I was actually surprised on the inside allergens considering I’m sneezing constantly and my nose has been stuffed since I was in 5th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They didn’t do a food allergy test… why?  I don’t have a clue.  I said I wanted it, bc it might explain why my Crohn’s has been being a (*^*^)&*% and it’s so common with us POTSy’s to have deadly allergies, AND it runs in my family… but nooooooo.  Apparently I’m stuffy because I have Asthma.  WTF????  And they said since my nose is always so stuffed and I have constant headaches around my sinus cavity… but have never found an over the counter medication that works… they don’t know what to do for me.  WTF????  That’s total nonsense.  I waited over 6 months to be shoved out the door with no answers, still not having a solution to why my nose has been stuffed for over 17 years?  Can you really have stuffed nose ALL THE TIME from Asthma alone?  One of you crazies must have asthma.  Hheeeeelp me!  I’m bitchy… but in a silly mood too bc of lack of sleep so it’s making quite the interesting combination!

I got a Christmas card from my uncle George and aunt Joan.  My uncle is like the biggest flatterer that ever lived when it comes to his nieces!  Every time he sees any of us.. and there are a lot of us, he always says how beautiful we are… except when he saw me when I first came home from the hospital after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  That day he just went on and one about poop LOL.  Anyway lol in the card at the top it says, “Love you beautiful!” lol.  I don’t think anyone has met my aunt Joan and uncle George and not fallen right in love with them.  They’re so adorable the way they talk to each other too.  This is the aunt I mentioned back around Canada’s Thanksgiving who has Dysautonomia too, but she has brachycardia.  Amazing people.

Tomorrow my mom is running me down to the dentist to see if the mouth guard fits this time… I hope it does, why doesn’t mouth guards like me?  It’s not like I was moving during the molding.. though I’m surprised I wasn’t!  I’m a pretty antsy person! lol.

Anyway, going to head out and terrorize my cat Zeus.  He was sleeping on my legs last night and decided to roll on his side and rolled right off me and started screeching!  Gave me and him both a nice heart stopper.  Plus he was constantly climbing on my guts.. and he’s by no means light!  And if he wasn’t doing that, he was either on the floor screaming, chasing my hands and feet under the covers, or jumping at every little sound scaring the bajeebers out of me.  So I got a whole hours sleep… now I’m keeping him awake as revenge, and maybe the little bugger will sleep tonight!


PS anyone have a Kobo E Reader???  How the (*^(*^&*(&)(*&)(*%^#%# do you gets books from other sites other than Kobo, and get them on the &^$^%& desktop application???????????????????  It’s driving me crazy and I can’t figure it out!


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