Hope You All Had A Merry Christmas :)

Hey everyone!  I meant to write just before Christmas, but I’d been so tired out I just wanted to relax before the festivities began 🙂  I hope you all had a great Christmas, and got to spend it with family, etc.  I had a great one 🙂  The past couple years, to me, it didn’t feel like Christmas and really bummed me out, bc you want to have that loving magical cheesy feeling, but this year definitely did!  Since I’m not a religious person, I love Christmas bc of the Christmas tree which is relaxing and pretty, and bc in my family we all naturally make that much more of an effort to enjoy our day and have everyone else to too.

Before I get into how Christmas was, etc.  Nick had his 5th birthday last Sunday.  It was hilarious fun.  My sister made super hero costumes for him, Liam and Emma (his two best friends) and she dressed up as this hilarious looking bad guy called, Ms. Tickles.  We got them all in their costumes and gave them silly string, and then Amanda came down all dressed up as a surprise, and they attacked her with the silly string lol.  Everyone was dieing laughing at her.  She made a really cool birthday cake for him, that was Scarecrow from the Batman DS game that Nick plays, and it turned out amazing!  Pretty damn tasty too lol.

We went with the kids, Meghan (Liam’s mom) and her boyfriend Bret, and took them to McDonald’s for lunch.  Afterward, they all played in the play room while we all caught up.  I got the cutest Christmas card from Meghan, which had a picture of Liam sitting on Santa’s lap, and he was so serious looking, in mid conversation with him lol.  Then we came back to the house to have cake, and my dad and Lois came which was really nice 🙂 and then Nick opened his presents.  I stayed for a little while longer, to watch the kids play with some of the stuff Nick got, then I came back home.

Christmas Eve, we always go to my dad’s for dinner.  My step brothers, and nieces, and Josh, my oldest niece’s boyfriend were there, and Lois’ sister and husband Marg and Terry who I absolutely adore, and Kiet and Diane friends of the family, who are like an aunt and uncle to me came too.  My oldest nephew Travis didn’t come bc my brother is being a goof and didn’t end up coming out, so Travis couldn’t either.  I miss him so much!  We all opened our gifts, and had a YUMMY dinner hehe.  We also got to see Joey and Lisa, more family/friends.  It was a great time.

Instead of coming home like I normally do, Amanda and Nick convinced me to stay over night, so I’d get to see Nick open his presents first thing in the morning.  Nick convinced me to sleep with him.  I never thought about how excited kids are and how they have a hard time sleeping!!!  LOL.  Amanda was in another bed, but in the same room, so at first I had constant giggle fits and couldn’t stop laughing.  Then Amanda started into the giggles but finally fell asleep.  Nick on the other hand kept me up ALL night talking until almost 5am!!!  That was when he decided to jump into the bed with Amanda, and I was out instantly lol. I woke up bc I heard Amanda leaving the room and I open my eyes and Nick is standing above me and said, “I actually slept!  So Santa must have came!” and I said merry Christmas and he leaned down and gave me a kiss before going on a freaking out spree to get everyone else up lol.

He got this gross tarantula toy that runs around with a remote.  So me and Nick laid on the living room floor and had the thing run into my Grandma‘s feet making her freak out lol.

We all had a big breakfast, and my mom took me down to my place to unload my gifts, and see my Zeusy.  I had to change his litter and give him fresh water.  We relaxed there for a bit to give him attention, and then went back up to mom’s to meet everyone else and drove over to see my Grandpa in the nursing home.  He was so unGodly pale!!!  But he was in good spirits, and we got a nurse to take some family pictures of us.

We came back home and just relaxed until dinner time, which was another yummy meal, and then I had my sister take me home.  I just spent the evening watching movies and relaxing with my cat 🙂  I missed him terribly it was pathetic lol.  It feels weird not sleeping with him when I’m so used to it!  So when we went to bed last night, I was out like a light bc I was so comfortable… and tired from barely any sleep the night before LOL.

Today, Amanda and I are going to Walmart to spend our gift certificates.  We might be going to a movie, but the one we were going to see isn’t in the theatre here yet, so not sure what’s going on.  Nick’s going to his other grandparent’s big family dinner, and aunt Kelly is still down until around Wednesday I think.

It’s now after 12pm and I want to get a bath in with some of the bath stuff I got from Jess (my niece) and Josh. So I will head out and write again soon.



PS Oh yeah!  I chopped my hair off again… then I hated it, so I came home and chopped more off myself LOL.  Also got a surprise CD in the mail from my cousin Natasha, fully of punk Christmas music all done by people we went to high school with 🙂  It’s actually REALLY good!


8 thoughts on “Hope You All Had A Merry Christmas :)

  1. You better be posting a pic of your hair missy!!!Here I am trying to grow mine out……I think my face looks better with longer hair….and guess what?I didnt gain a pound at Christmas….I was really good!!!Miss ya,talk soon<3


    • I like longer hair on me too, but I was tired of waiting for it to grow lol. I think I just like it better bc it makes me feel more girlier, but my hair is soooo darn thick, it’s a pain to take care of! Missed ya bunches, but talking to you now soooo lol


  2. Glad to hear ya had a good christmas hun. Sounds like it was a great time spent with family….even though it sounds like you didn’t get much sleep, but i mean we were all like Nick at that age, hell i remember going to bed REALLY late on Christmas eve and waking up at like 4 in the morning.

    Sorry to hear that your grandpa was looking so pale, but glad to hear he was in good spirits 🙂

    Happy to hear this was a good holiday for ya hun, and hopefully 2011 will bring even more good times…like for example you getting that new place in March.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year hun and I look forward to talking to ya more in 2011 and beyond 🙂 *BIG HUGS*


    • OMG me too lol. I used to wake up non stop on christmas eve just waiting to be able to go down stairs and open presents lol. It was cute to watch him though 🙂

      I hope you had a good Christmas too hun! Are you going out for New Years? I used to always go out but now I kinda lost the flare for it lol.


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