I’m Moving!

I finally got all the Christmas photos from everyone, but my sis so I can show some on here!

Great news though!  I went to look at the apartment I’d been waiting to see, and it’s so nice!  Flat gray carpet in the living room, old hardwood floors in the bedroom, and tile everywhere else.  There’s two big windows in the front, and one in the bedroom.  VERY small, but enough room for everything I’m keeping.  The only difference will be I’m taking my love seat, instead of the couch.

The kitchen in bigger than the one I have now, so tons of room to roll around in my walker or wheel chair.  There’s no dining room, but room in the living room to the side for my table still.  I will have to get a coat rack bc there’s no closet when you first come in.

Off the bedroom, there is a big walk in closet which will be great for storage too, and the bathroom has shelving for my towels, etc. plus another shelving area for my toiletries, etc.  The walk in shower is actually a really nice big one, so there’s definitely room for my shower chair in there.  It sucks there’s no bath, but I don’t mind since POTS makes it hard to take baths anyway.

In the front yard there’s flower beds with trees and plants, plus room for me to set out a little tables and my lawn chairs.  None of the other apartments are back there either, so it works out.  Plus now there probably is a laundry room right off my apartment.  I just have to walk around back to get to it which isn’t far.  It’s less than a half a block to the nearest bus stop, which is actually the bus I take from my place here, so I know the times.  Garbage is the same day, I just have to pay for my tags, which is cool for the little amount of garbage I have each week.

I’ll be moving in March 1st.  Since I’ve been here over two years, disability will help me pay for movers.  Susan, my Social Service Worker, wants me to get movers that will pack and unpack my things, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that.  I am definitely going to need help getting stuff off top shelves down, but if I sit and pace myself, I think I can do it.  I do have to start getting rid of stuff soon though.  Thankfully Amanda is taking a lot of it!

On the 26th, Boxing Day, Amanda and I went to spend our gift certificates.  I spent mine at Walmart, on a new memory foam pillow, and some lipstick and mascara.

Anyway, just wanted to update.  I hope you all have a great New Years!


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