I cannot believe how pooped out I am today!  I am literally dragging my butt everywhere it seems lol.


Zeus is more than ready to move too I think!

I’ve been dealing with ODSP (Ontario Disability) getting all the proper information to them about the move for March 1st.  I was very stressed before not knowing if they would fund movers for me or not.  You’re allotted so much money for moving every two years, but they’re so picky about the prices for things, I didn’t know if they’d approve anything I sent them.  Thankfully thanks to my social service worker, Susan, I now have movers through the housing department at her work, who are doing this for me for free!  I couldn’t believe they offered to do this for me.  Not only that, but they will help clean up this apartment once I’m all moved out.

Like I mentioned before, I had been feeling pretty good and getting things packed.  Amanda and Nick came over and she packed like six boxes of movies and books, and bags and bags of clothes, coats, bedding, etc.  I felt horrible, but after they left I packed about four more boxes!  Now I am spent.  I feel like complete garbage and have nothing left of me now.

Susan’s student Aariha … I think it is, came by yesterday and ran me over to the dentist to sign some forms for them to get a hold of my cardiologist, and I got  home and could barely sit up to eat my lunch.  I think my Crohn’s is giving me a bit of a kick and that’s why I’m feeling a little worse for wear.  Indigestion and more pain than usual in my stomach, and lots of back and knee pain too along with the chest and heart palpitations.  So much for thinking for 3 whole days that Bisoprolol is working lol.  The medicine from my G.I.’s is definitely working bc it was no where near as bad as it normally gets, but definitely did affect me.

I will most definitely be moving before March 1st.  They’re basically waiting, bc the owner is redoing the bathroom floor, and putting in new washers and dryers in the building, and then I can move whenever I want!  Which I think is a great thing now, bc my sister found mold growing outside my apartment in the hallway!  Disgusting!  No wonder I’ve felt so badly since living here!

The other night (I found this pretty amusing) the drunk guy, who I have to be honest, I thought had turrets LOL not a funny thing to have, but funny I thought this, when in reality it’s just his drunken slur.  Anyway, he was out in the hallway around 3am.  I had woken up around 1am and couldn’t sleep so I was watching Iron Man.  I went to the peep hole at my door and saw him swaying all over the place half making crying noises, half angry noises and he was banging on a door to get it… this is the same apartment who set a turkey on fire, evacuating the entire building, but they refused to come out of their apartment until the fire department made them lol.  This is also the same man who was banging on the laundry room door to get in a week before instead of his own apartment!  I didn’t think anything of it, and I just ignored him and went back to my movie.  I hear him go outside and bc my bathroom light was on from when I got up, he started smashing it!!!  Not an easy window to get at either, bc it’s partially under ground, so he had to literally get on his hands and knees and lean in, and punched it like a wild man!  I grabbed the phone bc I was afraid I’d have to call the cops, but he soon stopped and came back in and passed out on the floor outside his apartment crying lol.

Besides all that craziness, things are going great!  I just need my health to give me a little nice boost of energy to keep going until this move is over.

I go to the dentist next week for my cavities and teeth cleaning EEEEEKKKK!  And then to my family doctor.  Then next month, I see the Neurologist/ Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome specialist!!!!!  I can’t wait to work with him!  I will also at some point in February be seeing my Cardiologist.  I heard from his secretary yesterday and I am good to go with the dentist without any worries.

Take Care




2 thoughts on “ZzzzZZZZzzzzz

  1. Aww fruit,I am so sorry you are run down,but I know the feeling…I feel like I have nothing left to give either right now….not that their was much to give before.lmao.I will be so glad when you move dear,and get away from the crazy drunk,thats a little too nutso for me,and a little bit too close with him pounding on your bathroom window.Love you much,take care<3 L00P


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