It’s Like A Dairy Queen Blizzard Out There!

I was told it was going to be bad this weekend.  I went and got some groceries yesterday so I didn’t have to attempt to go out in the craziness… and boy is it ever!  I’d say one of the biggest hits we’ve had yet!  But I still have no complaints since I’m not a driver, and I love looking out the window and seeing the beautiful snow everywhere 🙂  My parking lot is completely snowed in and it doesn’t look like there’s been a snow plow out for our place at all today.  When the snow plow goes by on the road, it blocks the driveway… kind of funny though.  Last year when my mom would come to pick me up, I would have to walk out across the road to meet her lol.

Speaking of weather…  the terrible scary weather over in Australia right now is so sad!  So many people lost, dead, injured, without homes.  I must say speaking of scary happenings over the world, I saw a little tv documentary on how in Haiti, they are using the rubble from the destroyed homes, to build new ones.  I think it’s bitter sweet in the sense they are building the new life from the old.  Still, couldn’t imagine what they are all going through even now 😦

My social service worker, Susan, has a cousin that runs a private school up in Switzerland, and they are known for doing skiing classes, and it is very much a part of their curriculum and daily life style there.  Right now however, the entire place is having rain pouring on them, and there is no snow to ski on.  That’s scary!  The first time in 40 years that has happened!

With this time of year comes massive flu outbreaks too, but weirdly enough I haven’t heard anything about it yet really.  Yesterday though, I was reading the news and apparently there are crazier amounts of flu cases this year compared to last year!  Thank God I got a flu shot!

My place is being over taken by boxes… and boxes and boxes… and lots of other boxes.  Susan’s student who’s name I actually know how to spell now, Aarifa, came over and packed stuff from all of the cupboards that are up high, and now pretty much EVERYthing is packed that I’m not already using until it gets closer to the time to move.  All I have left is a few things in the bedroom I want to get rid of, and the couch, which the Salvation Army is coming to pick up at the beginning of February.

My poor dad is sick with Bronchitis, and then he and my step mom are going to their yearly winter trip to Arizona, Las Vegas, etc.  When he gets back, he is going to bring his truck up here and bring my big bed and eliptical trainer to my sister since I can’t use either.  So happy I’ll have my futon back soon 🙂

I’d been packing the odd box here and there, but every time I try to my Crohn’s kicks in and I have to rest whether I want to fight it or not.  My postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, is also giving me horrible nausea!  Usually I just get it in the evenings, but lately it’s been all day!  Very sickening to deal with.  I got an anti nausea bracelet, but I don’t find it helps a lot.  Just takes the edge off.

Susan brought me over some arthritis cream to try on my hands, wrists and knees.  It’s all natural so it’s not crazy stinky!  It’s medicinal smelling while your putting it on, and then it goes away!  And it doesn’t get all sticky to your clothes either.  I really like it, it’s nice.  Doesn’t get rid of the pain entirely, but definitely takes the edge off.

Alright, I’m going to head out bc I’m falling asleep as I type and I want to get cleaning some more of the apartment!

Take Care!



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