Busy Bee!

My lease for my apartment here is up March 1st, but I was told I can move in any time into the new one.  I said I wanted to wait until the floor in the bathroom was redone.  Would give me time to pack without actually killing myself rushing, and I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to unpack, worry about Zeus getting outside, while  work men were coming in and out of the new place.

My sis came up and helped one evening with books movies, some bedding and clothes that were hard for me to get at with pots, and Susan’s student Aarifa like I mentioned as well, came by for an hour and helped get all the dishes out of the kitchen on the highest shelves, since I’m notorious for passing out in the kitchen it seems like.  I’ve now packed everything else except the clothes, and bathroom stuff, etc. I’m still using until up until the move.

As I’ve been packing, I’ve been cleaning the walls, and shelves, etc. and getting rid of the stuff I’m not bringing with me.  The only thing I hadn’t been doing was the carpet bc yet again I broke a vacuum!  I don’t know how I do this, but I just give it to my mom and she always figures out what’s wrong to fix it.  My red one she gave me that was light weight that broke, she couldn’t figure it out though!  So I had to borrow my grandma’s vacuum until I get out to get a new one.  I was cool with that until I saw the thing!  I a HUGE one and crazy heavy!  It works great, but has taken me three days and help from my mom to be able to vacuum this apartment lol.  I am finally done until everything gets moved out, and then I’ll have to do it again.

The reason I bothered to do it at all, is I am having the rental company tomorrow come here, to do a last inspection before the move.  With Zeus’ hair, and mine now partly falling out, there  was hair everywhere!  The vacuum has one of the big ass canisters you just have to empty… I’ve emptied it twice now and it’s full again lol.  That’s how bad it’s been since Christmas!  But I was just using a carpet sweeper… that yes, I broke too lol so I don’t think it was getting everything up, just what was on the surface.

Today, I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, and to get some cavities filled, but they got freaked out about my mitral valve prolapse, so I have to come back for that.  Normally bc I have horrible sensitivity, they freeze my mouth for even the cleaning, but they were freaked out to do that!  So I got a basic cleaning and some whitening done in between me being ready to punch the sweet hygienist for the pain.  And now I have to call the local dental college here, about getting a treatment done with freezing, so they can get in and under the gums bc they’re so inflamed they need two appointments alone to make sure they get done properly and completely!  Ahhh 😦  I asked them what I was doing wrong.  I use special tooth paste for my teeth, I brush daily, I floss, wtf!!!!  So bc I have all these digestive wrecking illnesses, they’re causing the acid reflux problem I mentioned… so that, my medicine that’s supposed to help that makes my mouth dryer, along with other medicine I’m on, so it’s destroying my teeth.  And because my lovely immune system is a piece of crap, the damage isn’t able to heal on its own like my dentist hoped, it’s only making matters worse, causing them to have to do even more work!!!  So I go back in a few weeks to get the cavities and breaking … yes breaking teeth fixed, and then I am going to be getting a hold of the college for 3 more appointments.  Very stressful, bc my dentist warned me that all this work is going to make my teeth in the back even more sensitive, but obviously the work needs to be done, so there’s no way to help that.  At this point, the sensitivity is the least of the problems to worry about.  So long as my teeth are healthy.

Next week, I go to my doctors appointment about my fibromyalgia and sleep clinic study and getting her to fill out some forms for disability to prove that I am sick, and that’s why I’m moving (even though in order to get disability in the first place you obviously have to prove your sick) but whatever!  Lol.

Then the week after that, I go back in to see the Cardiologist.  Obviously the Bisoprolol is STILL not doing it’s job after almost a year.  I think it’s been 9 months now.  So he better switch my beta blocker or I’m going to go absolutely bat shit crazy!… if bat shit can make you crazy! haha.

The just after my next dental appointment, I go in to see the Neurologist!  Hopefully he’ll have some ideas 🙂  I’m really hoping he’ll be willing to do some more autonomic testing on me than the cardioloy type stuff I’ve had done to get more answers about my pots.  We shall see.  I’m excited 🙂

And yes at some point in between, I’ll be moving lol.  Actually, tomorrow, the student and I are going to compare dates of when it will work.  So I am thinking if it’s good with them, moving a week tomorrow.

I’ll write more next week!



2 thoughts on “Busy Bee!

  1. good luck with the neurologist. and the dentist. i havent been to the dentist in quite a few years, and am about to make an appt. typical nervy me with avoidance!. go easy with the move, im sure your familiar with pacing and if anything like me ignore pacing and just do stuff anyway! but seriously take it easy and slowly. x


    • Hahaha yes I’m horrible for wanting to put off the dentist too… but since they know I am they bug me until I go haahaha. With all we go through with our health problems, you’d think we’d be better at going, but it’s terrifying! lol.


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