Family Doctor Appointment

Hey!  Sorry I didn’t write right away, but I just didn’t have the energy to sit at the computer and write out all I wanted to mention.

Susan picked me up and took me to my doctor‘s appointment.  I still can’t get used to how willing to help my doctor is!  I am used to my last doctor throwing away and not listening to me and rushing like he needed to pee! lol.  It’s so remarkable to have someone willing and wanting to do everything she can… someone who actually cares how I’m doing!  I am truly lucky to have her as my doctor.

She told me to try Volteran for my fibromyalgia pain.  Have any of you tried it?  What is your experience with gels and creams to help with pain?  I noticed it helped my lower hip/butt area pain, but not my hands and fingers.  Mind you I didn’t rest them either.

I got her to check out my knee.  When you have any sort of chronic problem with your body, no matter what it is, you know when something is different.  It was a little different of a pain in my knee from the rest, and is almost constant and by far more painful.  I was cool with just leaving as is, if she said it was fibromyalgia as well, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something else considering I was told when I was younger, I may some day need knee surgery.  I come to find out when I am sitting I get this almost restless feeling in my left side and I twist and sounds like my hip cracks… that’s not been my hip.  It’s my knee popping back into place! Lol.  My doctor just moved my leg three different ways and POP!!!  So apparently my knees grind into my leg bones.  Not arthritis, but Patellofemoral something or other lol.  Nothing can really be done, medically, but you knees are weakened and make your knees more prone to injury.  The only thing you can do is these Patellofermoral physical therapy exercises that help strengthen the knee joints, etc.

She also switched my Pantaprazol for my Crohn’s pain, to instead of a sodium form of the pill, to a magnesium form of it.  I actually keep forgetting to try it bc my pill box for the week is filled with the old one and I keep just automatically taking it lol.  But I will let yas know if there is any difference when I give it a go.  But I was pretty mad to find out there were crohn’s ulcers, scrapes, etc. seen in my Ilium that they didn’t mention to me when I was there.  They had only said inflammation.  There were also some ulcers found where my stomach attaches to the Ilium too when they said it was fine.  I think even if nothing is to be worried about or done about it, that I at least have the right to know what’s happening in my body.

I also looked at my sleep study info.  Apparently I slept less than 3 hours, and woke up 83 times in that time!  The recommended me getting a night guard bc I grind my teeth… done, they also said I have restless leg syndrome even once I’m asleep so I should get meds for that.  I said no bc I know it can keep me up at night, but it’s not there every night, and it’s not reason I haven’t slept properly for the last 14 years.  It just showed up in the last year.  So my only option is back to my psychiatrist who had been helping me before with my depression medicine and sleep med.s and start trying more sleeping pills.  She’s the one that has the long list of ones I’ve already tried… I have no idea what all I have.

I have no idea why, but it’s 3am and my cat is screaming and driving me nuts!!!  I think he’s bored, but he’s pissing me off and probably my neighbors too! lol.

Amanda and I went and saw the new Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher movie… No Strings Attached.  Very funny and definitely good.  I wouldn’t recommend going to the theater to see it, but definitely rent it when it comes out!  This weekend we are hoping to go see the new Anthony Hopkins movie, the Rite.  I can’t wait!

Next up is my Cardiologist appointment next Friday.  Should be interesting to see what he says.

Talk to yas later!




5 thoughts on “Family Doctor Appointment

  1. Doesnt it just tick you off,when you “find” out that there are things going on in your body that nobody bothered yo mention to you,such as you,with your Crohns?I know it upsets me.And this restless leg syndrome thing,I think I have it too,I jiggle my leg the whole time I am trying to fall asleep,very annoying!Glad you are ok.miss you much,talk soon ❤


    • It’s like this crazy maddening urge to move your leg. And if you leave it, it will just fling out and move anyway lol. I twist my legs all weird when it gets bad. And yes I hate when dr.s do that. I think they do it so we don’t unnecessarily worry, but I think it’s still important to mention it either way. See ya at the movies! lol :-p


  2. how annoying is that, not being informed about your own health. i would be mad too. doesnt seem that different this side of the pond.x

    good luck with the cardio.


  3. Hi Ash Im 26 f from Israel found your blog 2day for first time Im diagnosed with diabetes type 1 ADHD Epilepsy and suspected for either IST with POTS or vice versa( either one of them for sure but because Im chronically tachy they’re having hard time to say which or both) I must say that Im totally identify with what you have written on your posts and that your writing has helped me today in dealing with the whole mess


    • aw Im so sorry hun. any illness is difficult to deal with, let alone more than one! you normally get diagnosed with POTS with a tilt table test. If your doctors can’t get one to test you, they can still diagnose you. They need to have you lay down for 5 minutes, check your blood pressure and heart rate. Then have you sit up and take your blood pressure and heart rate, and then have you stand and take your blood pressure and heart rate. If your heart rate rises more than 30 beats per minute within 20 minutes of you standing… then you have POTS! Normally it will only take a few minutes for your heart rate to rise that high,


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