Cardiologist Appointment


Only our 2nd big snow fall so far this year!

My Grams took me into my heart doctor today bc my mom’s boss made her come in for a meeting at work.  I prefer my mom to be there bc she comes in the room with me, so that I don’t forget all the things the doc. says.  Stupid pots brain.  I hope to god she won’t have to miss my Neurologist appointment at the end of the month.

I like my cardiologist.  The odd time, which is rare, when he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, he goes off on a big discussion about something totally off what I was asking, usually something I already know about, and I just nod and smile like woooo interesting! lol.

My heart rate flip flopped all through the appointment, and have had chest pain and fluttering ever since I got home and was able to relax.  I’m okay with the appointment, bc I’ll see him again in 6 weeks instead of 3-4 months like usual.  I’m glad to see him so soon again, bc he didn’t take me off of Bisoprolol.  He doubled the medicine again, now to 10mg, which I know for a fact wasn’t all that smart, bc potsy’s should be on the lowest dose possible of a beta blocker possible bc it can make us very sick from being on a medicine we weren’t technically designed to be on.

I asked him again to tell me what kind of pots I had.  As in Hyperadrenic, PD Pots, or the combo type.  He didn’t understand my question, and now that I’m thinking about it, obviously didn’t when I asked the first time I met him, bc both times he started explaining NCS to me.  And then said, it’s a very severe type of pots. I already know what that is lol.  It’s the reason I faint, I get it.  I am going to ask the Neurologist at the end of this month and see if he knows since he supposedly is a pots specialist.  We shall see… since this has been the question asked to everyone so far, and I find out just how much they really know, when they look at me like I’m on crack lol.

I asked him how much more salt than a normal person, should a person with pots have in a day.  He said to add a bag of personalized size chips to my daily diet.  I have high cholesterol which he doesn’t want to give me medicine for, which I still question, and he’s telling me to add chips?  I said this to my sister, and even the first thing she said was that!  So when I reminded him of it, he said eat salty soup instead lol.  But now that I’m home of course, I’m thinking I don’t need to bc my blood pressure is in the normal range, and I don’t want to risk making it high again.

He had no idea and was completely stumped on why I would pass out for 27 hours.  He made a good point in saying it wasn’t the NCS bc it gets regulated the second your flat out on your back.  He could see if I couldn’t get up for that long if I passed out every time I tried to get back up, but I didn’t.  The longest case of that he had seen was an hour and a half.  He was thinking seizer (sp?), but still isn’t thinking it’s that bc even then it wouldn’t be that long.  Yet again, might find out from the Neurologist.

Anyway, next week is free, then the next is the dentist work… eek! and then in the last week of February I meet the almighty guru … at least I’m hoping he is 😀

Alright, very tired, gonna relax with my Zeusy 🙂



4 thoughts on “Cardiologist Appointment

  1. Sorry you didnt get any answers.Seems like sometimes we leave those appointments with more questions than we had when we went in!He thinks a seizure?hmmm.I hope you get more answers form the neurologist…..thats a scary thing to have happen,and then not get any real answers for why its happening.I guess I forgot you had high cholesterol…..I do too,But have been on meds for over a year now.I think you should be on some meds too for it…lol….but thats why he gets paid the big bucks huh?


    • yeah even my family doctor questioned his decision on it, but he just said, “Diet and exercise.” Diet was amazing, and I’m too sick to exercise… dumb ass LOL.

      In the end, he “thinks” and I kind of agree, that bc when I raise my arms to reach for things, I get so tired out I could nap, and I had just gotten a glass out of the cupboard, he thinks I went down, kept fainting when I was half out of it still trying to get up, and then just laid there and fell asleep LMAO.


  2. Has increasing your meds helped your symptoms?

    I also was thinking “thoracic outlet syndrome” when I read your comment about fainting after reaching upward to get a glass from the cupboard. This is an impingement of the nerves and blood vessels between the clavicle and first rib. I don’t know if that could cause fainting, but it does cause me headaches and a lot of pain from my head to my hands.

    Feel better soon.


    • well weirdly enough, bisoprolol is the worst for making people tired out, and that’s been better lol. but I’m having crushing chest pain, nausea and dizziness. someone who was on it as well, said it did that to them for months so we’ll see!


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