I Finally Know Yeah!

I now know for sure when I am moving! WOOHOO!  hehe.  I move this coming Friday!  I’m so excited to get into my nice, new, HEALTHY, apartment 🙂

Tomorrow is Family Day in Canada… what’s funny is very few Canadians even remember it let a lone celebrate.  Apparently it’s only a couple years old though.  Any Canadians out there celebrate this?  I don’t think we have…  This year for good old Family Day, my mom, sis, and grams are coming over and we’re moving a bunch of the boxes, and bags of bedding, clothing, etc. over to the apartment.  It will be nice to have stuff that can be put away and set up done, so I don’t have to worry about it after the move.

I made my little list of stuff to get help getting from disability.  I don’t know if it will be accepted, but I sure hope so!  I asked for a bar stool I found, with a back rest, so I can get my legs up, to use for doing dishes in the kitchen, a coat stand bc the only closet is off the bedroom, a couch I found at the Brick, and a reg. light vacuum that comes apart into a hand vacuum to use for furniture, and sucking up gross spiders… the bastards! lol, and a book shelf for in the living room.  I have a big one already, but it doesn’t hold all my stuff between my books and movies!  There’s not a LOT of storage space like I’ve been spoiled to have here, so the less I have to pack away into the one closet, the better!

The dentist went good!  The girl dentist, who normally works at their other office is sooo quicker than my normal dentist!  I really like her personality too!  She tried filling some of my cavities without freezing… and OMG lol it was painful!!!  She ended up having to freeze two for me and the rest I pushed myself through the pain.  With the epinephrine and me being in pain, it shot my adrenalin through the roof!  I felt fine, but I was mad shakey and really dizzy at first.  My mouth was swollen and pained, but nothing too bad!  I could still eat and drink fine afterward.  She agreed with me, when I go back to get the rest done (yes I still have more to go eek! lol damn heart issues) she’s definitely just going to freeze me up like crazy bc that’s better than putting me through that again.

Today I’ve been just working around the apartment packing more stuff, and now am out of boxes when I could be packing more!  I think what I’ll do, is after tomorrow bring the boxes back with me here and just repack what I have left in some of those.  It will be easier to recycle them here anyway bc we don’t have bins and stuff at the new place.

Not much else has been happening bc I’ve been in so much pain.  Ever since I was upped on the Bisoprolol, it feels like my body is trying to cave in on itself.  I think maybe it has affected my Fibromyalgia and the nerve damage in my Crohn’s bc my stomach isn’t being affected except that I’m getting horrible stomach pain like when I first got sick without all the other gross issues lol.  I call it my Freddy Kruger fingers stomach pain lol.  The crazy chest pain I was having is a lot better though.  Even when you know it’s POTS, it’s still scary to have it none the less, and it was lasting for almost 2 weeks!  Freaked me out, but now it’s just little bits of pain every once in a while not none stop 🙂

Tuesday, I go in to see the Neurologist.  I’m excited, but not wanting to be too hopeful.  I hear he usually only does studies on potsy’s at MacMaster Uni. so I don’t know if he will do much if anything for me, while I have a Cardiologist.  I’m hoping if anything, he will do more autonomic testing on me… but not too sure.  Will be interesting to see though what all he knows!

Alright, will write soon, but maybe not right away after the appointment with the move coming up.  Will see what kind of time I have in between, otherwise, will write from my new place 🙂

Later Gaters!


4 thoughts on “I Finally Know Yeah!

  1. good luck with the house move. dentists badddddd. you are so brave. im about to make an appt with my, must do it this week, havent been in nearly twenty years! yep that long.

    hope your ok.x


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