GP & New PSW

I finally took some photos of the apartment.  Not great ones, but they’ll have to do dammit! lol.

The weather here has been beautiful but freezing cold!  I’m always cold here!  Still better than hot weather though!

Thursday my new Personal Support Worker, Lilian came.  She is from Germany and moved to Canada years ago just for fun.  She seems like a cool person if you know her well, and has been a personal support worker for eight years….  you wouldn’t know it though lol.  I asked her to dust my living room and bedroom… she didn’t do the tv stand or the bookshelf, or the coffee table in the living room, and missed my dresser and desk… so she only did my night stand in my bedroom.  I asked her to sweep the kitchen and bathroom and bedroom area, and she only did the kitchen.  I asked to do the windows and mirrors, which she did none of.  And she left with 15 minutes still to spare.  I think I am going to go nuts by the end of this.  Why get in the job if you’re not even willing to do it properly, let alone half assed?

Yesterday, I went to my family doctor.  We always talk about books, bc I always have one to read while I’m waiting for her.  I let her play around on my Kobo to see how they work lol.  She filled out my forms for the special diet.  If you have one of the ones on the list, they’ll give you a little extra money bc special diets are usually more expensive.  There’s a lot of weird medical terms for stuff on there too that I didn’t know what they were, so I had waaay more than I realized.  I got crohn’s marked on it obviously, which was the only one I had on the original form, lactose intolerance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I think that may be it… can’t remember.

She also filled out a tax form that shows what problems I have, like with walking, etc. and that will help me get more money back I guess.

She also gave me a prescription for Restless Leg Syndrome.  I wasn’t going to do it originally, but now I’m getting it every night in my left leg and arm, and now quite often in my right leg.  It can make me go days without sleeping.  The medicine… can’t remember the name of course, that they put you on, is actually for Parkinson’s Disease.  So I’m hoping, that maybe it will help me with the crazy shaking I do ALL THE TIME.   I can handle my regular shaking, but hate it bc everyone I meet always thinks I’m shy and nervous from it.  But when it gets real bad, I can barely write, drink, anything!  I haven’t started it yet bc I haven’t been up near the pharmacy, but I will let yas know how it goes.

I’m now reading Jene Beker’s book, “Strutting It.”  I thought it was about her life working for Fashion Television, and her view of the fashion world, which it is to an extent, but a majority of it is for aspiring models… obviously not me LOL.  No interest in that, but still a good book so far.

Tonight my mom is coming over for dinner, and then I am hoping to get over there to her house on Sunday to do a crap load of laundry.  The laundry room here won’t be done until near the end of the summer, but I’m happy bc now I have my blue box! LOL sad I know…

Was having problems with my landlord bc she apparently said to my neighbor that there were cat litter bags or something all over the front stoop of my apartment… I’ve never left anything outside here except my welcome mat!  I was pissed bc she was annoyed I had a cat, etc.  But when I talked to housing who set the apartment up for me, and who I pay rent to, go to with questions, etc.  they said she signed off on me having a cat and that she knew I did long before I moved in.  It’s everyone else in the building who is not allowed to have cats bc they aren’t considered to be good pet owners or mentally capable of having one.  So she was obviously doing it bc she didn’t want to admit that to my neighbor but instead made me look bad.  Also there is workmen dust outside on my grass, bc you can see little pieces of rubble, that the guys who redid my bathroom obviously just through out there, so that must be all this supposed cat litter she’s seeing, since mine stays in a bag in the back closet.  Then I throw what Zeus‘ uses in a garbage bag, and take outside to the end of the driveway on garbage day. GGGRRRR women!  Grow some balls!

Alright, I’m out, will write again soon!



Since I’ve Been Moved

I had such a hard time last week with getting rid of my psw and my counselor was out of commission bc she had the flu so badly.  She checked in to make sure I was okay, and my family was wonderful for being there for me.  They definitely had my back too.

My mom stayed the other night and we moved my living room around to give it more room and hung a bunch of pictures.  The walls in my room are really weird, so I can’t hang photos in there!  Drives me nuts lol.  I got a new floor rug, a coat stand, curtains, and a really comfy counter chair to use in the kitchen.  It’s really comfy too, and I’ve been cooking and able to do the dishes a lot more.  I will post pictures soon 🙂

My new PSW Lilian, starts here this Thursday. I haven’t met her yet though.  I’ll let yas know how it turns out.  I also have my family doctor’s appointment on Friday afternoon.  I need her to fill out some forms for my taxes and disability, and ask her if I can get something for restless leg syndrome bc it’s drive me nuts EVERY night!

I’m now reading the book, “Emma.”  If you’re into olden day girly books I definitely recommend this one 🙂

Besides that, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on!  My Grams brought by her old computer for me to use, so I thought I’d post one more entry on here before I switch over this afternoon!  Excited to use a computer that isn’t so bloody slow!

The weather has been beautiful here minus the night we had a thunder storm!  Today it is snowing and raining… go figure.. Canadian temps!

Hope you all are going well, and I’ll write again after my appointment this week.


Horribly Gut Renching


this picture cracks me up every time I see it! lol

I’ve been really stressed for a LONG time, and have done nothing about it.  I am a strong believer that if you can’t say something to someone’s face, don’t say it at all!  In wrong doings I think before you get someone in trouble you should talk to the person first and see if things can be fixed bc it could easily be a misunderstanding.  I’ve gone against those feelings today and I know I had every right too for my own well being, but I hate that I hurt someone in the process.

I’ve been having mini issues with my PSW since about the beginning, but since I’m horrible for sticking up for myself, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it.  If someone is outrightly rude to me, I have no problem saying something, but I really don’t think my PSW was doing it to be mean or nasty in any way.

When I was at my most sick, I couldn’t do things like dishes, cooking, vacuuming, dusting, etc.  When I would have her do it, she’d be in such a rush, she’d leave food all over the dishes and glasses always full of soap, or just a quick run of the vacuum in one room, or dusting around things on my shelves instead of moving them and giving it a good dusting.  Now don’t get me wrong… I know we have all done this to save time, but when that’s the way it’s done every time, and me being too sick to fix it myself, or passing out trying to, it seemed really annoying and pointless having someone come, as my place was piling up with dirt bc it was never done properly.  She also had a constant habit of leaving the stove on when she left, and putting the litter box in backwards, so if I was sick and didn’t notice, my cat would go over 12 hours at a time without anywhere to go to the washroom… he has digestive issues and almost died in the past from them, so it’s not something I take lightly.  Or leaving food out so that when I’d be too sick to be in the kitchen to notice it was out, the food would have gone bad by the time I noticed.  The one thing that really bothered me was bumming cigarettes.  I have no problem giving someone them, and am happy to if I feel they’d be someone who would do the same, even if I never asked.  She isn’t a smoker except when she drinks… or came to my place which was twice a week.  When someone only smoked socially they don’t usually buy them, bc they don’t want get in the habit and get addicted again.  I understand that, but in order for them to smoke then, they must constantly bum them off someone… that person being me.  And it was happening just about every time she’d come here.  I am on disability.. I can barely afford my own horrible habit, let alone hers too!   I’ve been feeling very used.

So what happened to bring me to say something to her boss, was the lady had called last week about doing a yearly satisfaction survey type of thing.  I thought, if I’m going to stand up for my self, now is the time to do it.  I was really stressed and very scared to, and ended up talking to my social service worker about it.  Up until then, I hadn’t even mentioned it to her, and that kind of made me realize something was up, bc I tell her everything good and bad.  I talked again to my sis about it as well, bc she has the same mind frame as me when it comes to having a hard time saying something bad about someone who is deep down not an outright bad person.

So I put it off yesterday, and knew since I normally see my psw on Wednesdays, that I had to do it today.  I talked to her boss and forgot to mention the litter box and food going bad, and leaving the stove on, but the moment I mentioned the smoking, she was not impressed at all.  I just hope to hell she doesn’t lose her job for it.  I will be getting a new psw soon, and won’t see the one I had ever again.  I know it will come to a huge shock to her probably and I know she will cry bc she is emotional like that.  She is very caring and sweet, but I can’t let everything go that was hurting me just bc she’s a nice person!

On the illness front, I haven’t been sleeping the last couple nights, my stomachs in knots from stress, and my pots is fighting me with every step or crawl I take.  The nausea is ridiculous and driving me bonkers.  It got so bad, I had to go lay on my bed bc I thought I possibly had the flu and was going to yack at any moment!  Normally the nausea sucks, but I can tell the difference between it, and having actually caught anything.  The second I get nausea, then the room spins and spins and makes the nausea even worse.

On a good note, my dad and Lois did end up coming and they really liked the place.  I let my step mom borrow a cool book about health tips, etc. for gaining energy.  She’s all into that stuff too lol.

Anyway, the stress was getting to be a bit much, so I had to get it out here before I ralphed from it lol.  Sorry for all the negativity!

Take Care!


All Moved Into the New Place!

I did NOT intend to be gone so long, but I’ve been having a real issue with my old phone company, and getting them to shut off my phone… it’s still hooked up too! lol.

I woke up the morning of my move… with the flu!  I’ve had the flu shot, and so had Amanda and Nick, but something they both got, and then my mom, I eventually caught too even though I was being so good about hermitting away!  I was able to do the move still and actually help a bit, but by night time I was in bed and up all night sick lol.  I didn’t sleep for the first few nights I was there bc of being sick, but it went away quickly and never got too horrible.

My fibro has been amazing… knock on wood.  Actually Zeb from The Manly Potsy’s said he heard something about rice flaring up pain… and I figured why not give it a shot?  I always eat rice, so I haven’t had it, and no major pain like I was!  So I’m considering next week trying it again and seeing if the pain comes back or not.

My POTS has been doing way better since being moved too.  Not superb, still have to use a stool to do dishes and a seat in the shower, but I was able to dust and do the windows I kid you not for the first time in almost 2 years!!  It felt great to not have to have someone else do it for me!  And the dishes I mentioned… first time in months!  Yes I have a PSW I’m not a dirty slob lol.  I’ve even been shoveling my stoop outside my apartment.  Nothing for the average person since it only takes about 10 minutes, but AMAZING for me!  I’ve had more good days in the short two weeks I’ve been here, then I had in the last 2 years at my last apartment.

It’s nice and bright and lots of natural light gets in.  So much nicer than a basement!  I loved my last apartment.  It was great.  Had tons of storage and was big!  But it was too much for me to take care of, and was becoming depressing and hard to breathe since the mold came out!  Ew!  It just feels so much healthier here!

I’m still having my rough days of my eyes randomly rolling to the back of my head… but I’m kind of used to it now LOL.  I think the worst of my symptoms is the nausea for sure and over heating!  So I am definitely talking to the Cardiologist about putting my on something so I don’t constantly feel like I’m going to yack.

Today, I had my PSW over who smoked out the entire front of the apartment cooking lol.  We had to open the windows and have fans blasting, and I even left that area bc it was choking me like crazy!  I was still coughing through my dentist appointment later that morning.  First I sat in the dentist chair into a puddle of water lol, then almost got banged by the light in the head, then my poor dentist smacked her head off it, and when she was meaning to spray water in my mouth while she was working, accidentally sprayed it at herself and we all got into a huge laughing fit and had to calm down before we could go on lol.  I had a lot of work done in and around my gums, and she whitened my teeth too so they look nice and clean!  I have to be on this prescription mouth wash that staves off infection and my mouth was crazy sore once the freezing wore off, but I’m feeling pretty good now.  Still swollen but at least I can smile with my whole mouth instead of just half rofl.

I got back and the guy was hooking up my phone, internet and cable, and the guys from the Brick showed with my new couch 🙂  I’ll post a picture later, but it’s a light stone/ beige color and really comfy 🙂  I just finished spraying the last coat of stain resistance crap on it.

My dad is coming up this weekend, and he’ll get to see the apartment 🙂  I’m really excited for him and my step mom Lois to see it.  I think he’ll like it too 🙂

Anyway, it’s late and I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I need to be up early.  Will take pictures of the apartment as I finish more rooms.  I still need to hang curtains, paintings, etc.


PS Got approved for my moving stuff from disability!  Wahoo!