All Moved Into the New Place!

I did NOT intend to be gone so long, but I’ve been having a real issue with my old phone company, and getting them to shut off my phone… it’s still hooked up too! lol.

I woke up the morning of my move… with the flu!  I’ve had the flu shot, and so had Amanda and Nick, but something they both got, and then my mom, I eventually caught too even though I was being so good about hermitting away!  I was able to do the move still and actually help a bit, but by night time I was in bed and up all night sick lol.  I didn’t sleep for the first few nights I was there bc of being sick, but it went away quickly and never got too horrible.

My fibro has been amazing… knock on wood.  Actually Zeb from The Manly Potsy’s said he heard something about rice flaring up pain… and I figured why not give it a shot?  I always eat rice, so I haven’t had it, and no major pain like I was!  So I’m considering next week trying it again and seeing if the pain comes back or not.

My POTS has been doing way better since being moved too.  Not superb, still have to use a stool to do dishes and a seat in the shower, but I was able to dust and do the windows I kid you not for the first time in almost 2 years!!  It felt great to not have to have someone else do it for me!  And the dishes I mentioned… first time in months!  Yes I have a PSW I’m not a dirty slob lol.  I’ve even been shoveling my stoop outside my apartment.  Nothing for the average person since it only takes about 10 minutes, but AMAZING for me!  I’ve had more good days in the short two weeks I’ve been here, then I had in the last 2 years at my last apartment.

It’s nice and bright and lots of natural light gets in.  So much nicer than a basement!  I loved my last apartment.  It was great.  Had tons of storage and was big!  But it was too much for me to take care of, and was becoming depressing and hard to breathe since the mold came out!  Ew!  It just feels so much healthier here!

I’m still having my rough days of my eyes randomly rolling to the back of my head… but I’m kind of used to it now LOL.  I think the worst of my symptoms is the nausea for sure and over heating!  So I am definitely talking to the Cardiologist about putting my on something so I don’t constantly feel like I’m going to yack.

Today, I had my PSW over who smoked out the entire front of the apartment cooking lol.  We had to open the windows and have fans blasting, and I even left that area bc it was choking me like crazy!  I was still coughing through my dentist appointment later that morning.  First I sat in the dentist chair into a puddle of water lol, then almost got banged by the light in the head, then my poor dentist smacked her head off it, and when she was meaning to spray water in my mouth while she was working, accidentally sprayed it at herself and we all got into a huge laughing fit and had to calm down before we could go on lol.  I had a lot of work done in and around my gums, and she whitened my teeth too so they look nice and clean!  I have to be on this prescription mouth wash that staves off infection and my mouth was crazy sore once the freezing wore off, but I’m feeling pretty good now.  Still swollen but at least I can smile with my whole mouth instead of just half rofl.

I got back and the guy was hooking up my phone, internet and cable, and the guys from the Brick showed with my new couch 🙂  I’ll post a picture later, but it’s a light stone/ beige color and really comfy 🙂  I just finished spraying the last coat of stain resistance crap on it.

My dad is coming up this weekend, and he’ll get to see the apartment 🙂  I’m really excited for him and my step mom Lois to see it.  I think he’ll like it too 🙂

Anyway, it’s late and I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I need to be up early.  Will take pictures of the apartment as I finish more rooms.  I still need to hang curtains, paintings, etc.


PS Got approved for my moving stuff from disability!  Wahoo!


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