Since I’ve Been Moved

I had such a hard time last week with getting rid of my psw and my counselor was out of commission bc she had the flu so badly.  She checked in to make sure I was okay, and my family was wonderful for being there for me.  They definitely had my back too.

My mom stayed the other night and we moved my living room around to give it more room and hung a bunch of pictures.  The walls in my room are really weird, so I can’t hang photos in there!  Drives me nuts lol.  I got a new floor rug, a coat stand, curtains, and a really comfy counter chair to use in the kitchen.  It’s really comfy too, and I’ve been cooking and able to do the dishes a lot more.  I will post pictures soon 🙂

My new PSW Lilian, starts here this Thursday. I haven’t met her yet though.  I’ll let yas know how it turns out.  I also have my family doctor’s appointment on Friday afternoon.  I need her to fill out some forms for my taxes and disability, and ask her if I can get something for restless leg syndrome bc it’s drive me nuts EVERY night!

I’m now reading the book, “Emma.”  If you’re into olden day girly books I definitely recommend this one 🙂

Besides that, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on!  My Grams brought by her old computer for me to use, so I thought I’d post one more entry on here before I switch over this afternoon!  Excited to use a computer that isn’t so bloody slow!

The weather has been beautiful here minus the night we had a thunder storm!  Today it is snowing and raining… go figure.. Canadian temps!

Hope you all are going well, and I’ll write again after my appointment this week.



2 thoughts on “Since I’ve Been Moved

  1. Your reading my namesake. My mum called me Emma Jane, after the book and the author!

    Glad things are settling down with the move and all, hope your appt goes well. And your new assistant works well too. x


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