New Med. Causes POTS?

So this medicine I was given I decided against hearing nothing bad from my pharmacist to look it up myself.  One of it’s main symptoms, is pots!  They actually say, may cause Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome!  It also can turn your sweat brown, red or black, and stain fabrics!!!  In extreme cases it’s caused Melanoma.  Can cause scary drops in blood pressure, make breathing worse, etc. for some of the other main symptoms … no. LOL.  I called my doctor the next morning and asked instead of being on Codopra, if she’d send me one for Mirapex which my mom is on.  It can cause the fluctuating with blood pressure and heart rate, but not badly, and only for the beginning while you get used to it.  So far, all I’ve had from it is drowsiness which could be from the weather getting warmer here which always gets my POTS going.  I did ask on a POTS forum if anyone else had taken Codopra before, and one girl who’s dad has POTS as well as Parkasins does, and he had had no problems with it, but honestly I didn’t want to take the chance after what I had read.

My Social Service Worker gave me a great tip with my Personal Support Worker.  She said to make a list, of exactly what rooms I wanted swept, exactly what furniture to dust, etc.  in case she was just forgetting what I told her, or feeling like she could get away with it.  So I did, and she did EVERYthing on the list.  All the sweeping, windows, mirrors, furniture I wanted dusted, the dishes, etc.  It was great 🙂  Such a reliever.  Now I just have to get past the weird first while where you don’t know what the hell to say to each other lol.  But I am so happy it is working out so far, bc I hate dealing with trying to boss someone around who’s not my employee or having to talk to their boss.

I am now reading, The King’s Speech.  Which is really good so far!  A big part of the book, which was written for the movie, was helped out hugely by the grandson of the Elocutionist.  I thought that was really interesting, so you feel as though you are really reading the past family life of just an ordinary man, and the King, who was in big part still only a Duke, to see him on more of a personal level, and see his weak side through the letters they sent to each other.  I really like it.   I want to watch the movie after I am done reading this.

I need to get my taxes done, bring the receipts that I was too tired out from the new med.s to do yesterday to ODSP (Ontario Disability & Support Program) from the move, go grocery shopping, hopefully see my dad on Saturday if I’m well enough for the drive, and get my Zeus some new food.  I’ve decided for now to boycott Walmart after them being such dicks to me when I went to get my chair (had to carry it all by myself, etc.) and try a new grocery store that just opened up.  The only real perk to Walmart is that I can get any light bulbs, cat litter, and little extras like that, that aren’t as easy to find at other places.  Oh well!  Better than being treated like dirt!

I am still waiting to hear back from the Cardiologist about my next appointment.  I will probably give him a shout tomorrow to see if he’s back yet, or still at conferences.

Will write more soon!


PS These are my temp. photos of my place, just to show some of the stuff.  Once I get EVERY thing done, and who knows when the hell that will be lol, I’ll take better ones to show 🙂


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