Summer is Coming NOOO!

I was just reading a bunch of posts online to do with music.  Not going to get into specifics, but OMG people are so dramatic about it!  I love music, and I couldn’t believe in a world without it, but people get some damn argumentative about it, when realistically IT’S JUST MUSIC!  Yeah it’s awesome, but we’re all different, so calm down if someone else’ opinion is different than your own!  Dumb asses…

So nothing has gone on doctor wise this week.  I still haven’t heard from the Cardiologist.  I don’t know why, but when it comes to phoning people like, doctors, bill places, basically anyone but friends and family, I’m TERRIBLE for putting it off.  I’m a huge procrastinator!

I am liking this Spring weather, bc I can open my windows more, and it’s still cold at night time… still using two comforters and a heating bag to stay warm lol.  The insulation in the bedroom stinks!  But I notice the warmer it gets, my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome gets worse and worse.

I was hoping these new pills I’m on would help with nausea, but so far no luck.  I usually only get it really bad around 8pm or later, but lately I’ve been getting it in the afternoon too.  It’s sickening to try to live every day life when you constantly feel like you’re going to yack.

In the last month or so I have been on most days able to make myself one day a meal, instead of going a couple days at a time without eating at all.  Whenever I am not having proper meals daily, I gain weight like crazy!  This time being so sick for so long, I gained a LOT for me.  When you’re not well to begin with, the extra weight doesn’t help.  So now that I am able to do a meal a day usually, I have been losing weight!  Slowly before I was anyway, but in this last month alone, I’ve lost 10lbs!  Feeling good about yourself and getting that extra baggage off you that you’re carrying around definitely is easier to deal with!

I just finished Dean Koontz, Your Heart Belongs to Me.  OMG!  It’s my grandma’s book, that she and my sister both read, and I just finished it and absolutely love it!!!  I think he’s a great writer to begin with, but this book is a story line unlike ANY I’ve read before.  I’d recommend it to everyone it’s great!  I’m now reading a Jane Austen book, of course the name I forget.  She was writing it when she died, so it’s not fully completed by her, but by some publishing company.

Anyway, hoping to get up to my mom’s today and visit.  Hope you all have a great weekend! *hugs*


PS  The M & M’s Meat Shop is doing their yearly Crohn’s Disease BBQ on May 7!!!  TONS of yummy food for real cheap, and helps an amazing cause!  Last year they even had rock climbing 🙂


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