Have a Great Easter!

Easter eggs // Ostereier

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I haven’t written in about 2-3 weeks!  I’ve been lazy on this I know!

My new PSW is going great.  She is a huge help, and I look forward to her coming every week to help out 🙂

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my Crohn’s Disease.  I’ve been in a LOT of Freddy Kruger pain.  I’ve been sleeping yet again with what my sister calls my ass bag lol.  It’s just an oatmel bag that you heat in the microwave, but it smells like burnt oatmeal the more you use it.  Oh well, it helps me! lol.

My uncle Howard, recently had a heart attack.  Not a really bad one, but he has had a terrible heart attack in the past, and this time around it really hit me hard.   I was a bawling mess.  Really makes me question being a smoker.  I have to make an appointment with my family doctor soon, so I’m going to see what she suggests and what my options are if I do decide to quit.

The new medicine, Mirapex, is working well for my Restless Leg Syndrome, but it is still keeping my heart rate a little too high.  Which of course in turn, makes me feel like crap, but I need to be able to sleep!

This weekend is Easter, and Amanda, Nick and I, will be driving out to my dad’s and Lois’ to see my nieces and oldest nephew, and do the outside Easter Egg Hunt, so I have to remember my camera!

My aunt Kelly will be here off the train at 5pm tonight to stay until Monday at my mom’s, so I’ll be going up there off and on to see her too.  I was just there yesterday doing laundry (laundry room isn’t redone here yet) so I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to see her.

Anyway, not much else is new.  I’ve been reading all the Jane Austen novels that are on my Kobo E Reader, and now I’m reading, oh hell I forget lol.

My friend Carlie and her son Wyatte are coming over on Monday to hang out for a bit, and then at some point the week after, my roommate from college Jess, is going to come down.  She keeps moving further away!  So this will be our first girls night in about two years!

Don’t forget about the Crohn’s and Colitis BBQ at M&M’s Meat Shop locations around Canada on May 7th!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


2 thoughts on “Have a Great Easter!

  1. fruit,Its funny you mentioned the restless leg syndrome,because mine is getting so bad,even at nap time,I just cant get my legs to lay still.I am so hesitant to take yet another pill though!
    I hope you do decide to quit smoking,my sister in laws dad smoked for 30 years,and he dies a horrible painful slow death of lung and throat cancer….I also know its such a hard habit to break.I’ll back you all I can!!!!Very excited about the next few weeks!!!!Cant wait!!!!Sorry I havent been around much,been wallowing in my own self pity and loathing!<3


    • Never ever apologise for that. I haven’t been around a lot either and I feel bad bc I need to be there for you more!

      I felt the same way about restless legs, but hell the way I see it, we NEED a good nights sleep! When it started to effect how I was sleeping basically every night I just gave up fighting it lol.


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