In a Bit of a Pickle

I’ve been having nausea worse than usual at night.  A few nights ago, I decided to check my blood pressure (haven’t in a while bc it’s been nice and stable) now I have crazy low blood pressure and brachycardia!  It’s really annoying bc I’m used to having high blood pressure if any problems at all and an extremely high heart rate.  I’m so much more dizzy and my breathing is terrible.

Obviously now that Spring and beautiful weather is here, I am opening my windows!  It works great for the hot flashes from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and I like clean, fresh air coming in my place!  I got a call from the guy who deals with the tenants and he said the landlord called him, and wanted to know why my windows were open all the time… What?  It’s Spring…. of course my windows are open during the day time!  It’s beautiful outside!  What I’d like to know is how she knows it’s open all the time.  I think there is a gossiper in the building who likes to talk a little too much. 

Not only that, but our housing coordinator was just here this past Wed. to check the fire alarms and I got a piece of paper in my mail box yesterday saying the landlord is coming this Thursday to check them…  She’s been trying to find ways to complain about me, even though I’ve given her no reason to, so I figure she wants to see the place for herself.  All she has to do is knock on the door and inroduce herself, and I would be happy to invite her in.  This woman has a real issue with me and I don’t know why.  We’ve never met, I’ve never caused problems, I’m clean, my apartment is clean, I’m quiet, and so is my cat… I’m probably the better of the tenants in this house, so why she is going after me, I don’t get it.  The coordinator wants to now show me another house with an apartment… I think he’s sick of having to deal with her bickering about me all the time. 

As a nice added stress, my uncle Larry passed away the other night.  He’s been sick for a while (not the one who had a heart attack) and finally passed.  He was in a lot of pain trying to breathe.  I feel so terrible for my aunt Reta and Kayla my cousin bc they are so heart broken without him, but they’re doing good considering.  My dad is also very upset bc he was so close with him.  It’s very sad.

Amanda, mom, grams and I went to the wake and stood up in the lineup with dad and Lois.  It was nice to see the fam. since I was sick with bronchitis at the Christmas dinner, but just sad circumstances obviously.  Today is the funeral.

Today is the M & M’s Meat Shop, Crohn’s and Colitis yearly BBQ.  It’s only a few bucks and you usually get, a hot dog or hamburger, chips and a drink.  Last year, they had a rock climbing wall too.  You can also go in the store, and purchase a star at the register.  I’d appreciate any Canadians reading this, to go today!  It’s at every location across the country.

Anyway, going to jump in the shower after I have a coffee… better close my window again before my nieghbor tells my landlord! LOL jk.

Take Care!


PS Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!!! *hugs*

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