Admitted Into Hospital

This will be a quick post just to update you all.  I never heard from any of the doctors about me getting the test done to see if I had a partial blockage or not.  The hospital lost the paper work!

Thursday night, my Grams was staying with me, and I got even worse, so I ended up having to go to the emergency room here in Belleville.  They got me in pretty quickly and got me on Gravol, fluids, and then Morphine.  I had never been on anything like that before, but it didn’t effect me badly thank god.

All through the night and the next morning I was poked and proded and different tests were done to find out I don’t have a blockage, but just a relapse.  Instead of giving me my Crohn’s Disease medicine, they only gave my Oxycodon to take for the pain until I could get ahold of my G. I. specialists in Kingston.  Sucky part is, is I am going all weekend still just as sick.  Yes, it’s better on the pain med.s than without, but I’m not doing well at all.  I can’t eat or barely get water into me without going into huge pains, then really terrible nausea.  Last night, I almost called my family to take me to the ER again.

My pain meds run out tomorrow early morning, so I hope to God my G.I.’s are willing to just call in my meds to the pharmacy here, or I will be ending up back in the ER.

Will let you all know more when I am able to.

Take Care


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