I’m Home :)

I have had an exhausting few weeks!  Monday I went into Kingston hospital where my G. I. specialists for my Crohn’s Disease are.  I was admitted and drugged back up on morphine.  I was getting sick everywhere in the hospital and that’s when they realized maybe they should get on the ball with this!

By the next morning, all the major tests were done, and I was put on an IV for Gravol, sodium, some opium type pain reliever, and Prednisone.  Thank God!  I was in so much pain, could barely move from one laying position to the next without throwing up. 

By the end of the next day, I was back on smooshy meals instead of just juice and Jello.  I was up walking around the inside and out of the hospital… have some color in me now too lol, well I thought so anyway, my family said I looked grey! 

Basically I did my normal little miraculous bounce back I do with illnesses, and by Friday afternoon I was sent home.  I got home to quite the mess and wore myself right out and became sicker than a dog again.  I’m really worried living on my own isn’t going to be as easy as I thought.  I was doing a LOT for myself in the hospital, but now I’m not getting fluids, no pain medicine, so everything bad I do to my body I feel.  Getting up to get a glass of water takes most my strength. 

Taking the Prednisone at home… and I’m talking 12 tablets of this crap on a stomach that’s already wanting to come out onto the carpet, is really hard.  Swallowing anything is nauseating, let alone the worst tasting medicine alive 12 times over.  I had to take a break after them before I could take the rest of my med.s.

I’m bruised all over like a junkie and I hate it bc they’s in spots that are impossible to hide.  My POTS has been really good considering, but I’m vey dizzy and find it hard to sit up long.  I have no heat tolerance at all, and waking up in a bucket of sweat EVERY time you nap sucks. 

The reason my flare wasn’t shown in the colonscopy, was bc it was located in my Ilium, which is easily seen through a CT Scan and ultra sound. 

Sorry about the bummy entry.  I’m really happy to be home, just not feeling good yet, and I don’t know how I’m going to do this all alone.  Just wanted to keep you all updated.


6 thoughts on “I’m Home :)

  1. Things for a flare..
    Plain yogurt with honey as sweetner.
    cooked fruits
    vegetables cooked with oil
    Eggs cooked with oil
    aged cheese (not American not mozzarella) Colby jack or Cheddar are the ones I eat
    Liquid diet is sometimes recommended, I personally think ensure is garbage since it’s mostly sugar and maltose, ground up vegetables or actually if you lazy just plain tomato juice is probably good. I’m not sure if orange juice and apple juice cause problems or not but I don’t feel good if I drink nothing but them for a couple days.
    Oh yeah Zucchini or squash i forgot those

    things to avoid.
    milk, spicy food, probably meat since it’s hard to digest,peanut butter

    I’ve personally done very well with the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and tend to think that everyone with Crohns should try it but even if you don’t that’s fine. Hope things work out for you.

    PS: On the off chance you actually read this and want to contact me just post a follow up comment and I’ll post my email. I’ve managed to keep my main email spam free and I’d like to keep it that way basically.


    • Ugh thank you SO much! I wasn’t getting any specific foods to try! Cooked fruits seems like a great idea. I want healthy food, but so much of it can be hard on our bodies! I’m going to check more into this SCD too! You are a life saver thanks so much!


      • Gildedflicker@gmail.com

        Your welcome, do contact me if you want to. I feel a bit uncomfortable on http://www.crohnsforum.com/ because it seems like everyone there has it worse than me.

        Also you might want to look into Low Dose Naltrexone. I read a thread (no link..wait was 1..2 days ago.. I’ll look) not this one(but it supports the idea of SCD) http://www.medications.com/prednisone/40112# ahh this one http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=15012 It’s post #9 not conclusive evidence since the person also started the SCD at the same time. Also LDN is really cheap. 38$ a month with insurance and there’s a place that charges 15/month without. Both links on main site just type Low Dose Naltrexone.

        Anyway the “Science” of the SCD is.

        Over consumption of Sugar, refined bread, and starches causes bacterial overgrowth in your lower digestinal tract. The bacteria produce dangerous byproducts. Your body produces flem/snot/mucus to protect itself from those byproducts and in doing so covers the part of your digestive tract (the microfili) that house the enzymes that normally break sugars and starches down. So the bacteria get more food and eventually damage your digestive tract (and the microfili) creating sores that are infected by the bacteria in your tract and preventing you from properly digesting (and absorbing food). Fatigue then results from malnutrition.

        The SCD attempts to fix this by only allowing simple sugars which are easily digested, fat, and protein. The science doesn’t really cover why fats are ok and I’ve read (do note I’ve read insane amounts) that protein can feed the bacteria that cause crohns(But I think overgrowth is the usual reason for crohns not specific pathogens) but the diet has been tested and works. About 80% of the time(from the book i think). It worked for me. *shrug*

        Just type in SCD diet and you’ll get the website.

        If I had a job right now you wouldn’t be getting nearly this much information btw.


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