I Can Move! Yes!

So happy bc I am finally getting used to being on the Prednisone.  I still get bad insomnia, and bad nights of feeling terrible, but at least now, I am able to slowly take care of myself more and more!  I actually made pasta last night and then the dishes!  Wahoo! lol.

I went to the doctors, and she sent a referral to the Acess Center where nurses come into your home to help you out.  She was thinking IV help, which now that I am getting water into me more, I may not need.  Though it’s getting warmer, and maybe having that option isn’t such a bad idea with POTS since it was so bad last year.  She also signed a note for me, saying that having an air conditioner would benefit my health, so disability will pay for me to be able to buy one, and then the seasonal charge for the landlord.  That is going to be a massive help!

I’m still bruised everywhere!  My dad said it looks like I have a tattoo on my forearm from the one needle bursting a vein.  Not a sexy tattoo LOL.  So I’ve been trying despite the heat, to wear long sleeve shirts when I have to go out in public!

I’m trying to drink a coffee right now… it’s disgusting.  Not as gross as it was, but I seriously cannot believe I drink this crap lol.  Probably better to just stop now.  It’s weird, whenever I get really sick, I always throw away bad food / drink habits, like pepsi, but then I pick up another… wonder what it will be this time??? lol.

So I went with the housing co-ordinator on Thursday, to check out the apartment they are redesiging.  It used to be rented by a person in a wheel chair, so the owners are putting in all new kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, it’s repainted, new carpet is going in the living room.  There are two sinks in the bathroom.  One is for washing your hair, which would be kind of nice, and a big tub!  There is also a little room to itself that would be perfect for a computer room or spare for company.  There are 3 big decks, and two of them are my own private, and tons of windows, stained glass in some of them.  Very charming, and spacious, but still not too big for me.  I asked to have a day to think about it.  Weighing the pros and cons of living here.  This is an amazing little tiny apartment, especially for someone who is sick, but I am sick of all the stress with the land lord and always being watched by my nieghbors.  I moved out on my own ten years ago, I don’t need to be looked after.  I’m here to rest, and have my own spot to myself, and not be badgered every time I open my curtains.  So I decided in the end to take the place.  I literally walk out the door, and the bus is right there on the corner.  There’s a day care and another tennant on either side of me, so nights won’t be noisy.  The children don’t bother me at all being outside and playing.  If anything, it’s a sweet sound.  The housing company will be doing the entire move for me again (I don’t know what I’d do without these people!) and all I have to do is move from one to the other with Zeus.  I am slowly going through my crap again though getting rid of stuff I don’t need.  I should be moving around the 15th, or before if the place is ready.

Just wanted to give a big thanx to Julie, Justin and Frankie for being such great friends these past couple weeks with me being an emotional blob lol.  It helps to know I’m not alone in the fight, and that we’re all going to be kicking ass soon again!  Just takes time! *big hugs*

Alright, going to head out and attempt to clean up the mess I started in the living room.



4 thoughts on “I Can Move! Yes!

  1. Glad to hear that things are going better for ya hun…even though doing better has it’s downsides…like having to do the dishes HA HA

    Yeah, reading this post made me smile, coz i’m glad to hear that you’re slowly doing much better, coz as I’d told ya, i was worried as hell during the whole hospital stay, etc. And I did kinda laugh when ya mentioned about the getting rid of one bad food habit..but then picking up another LOL

    It kinda sucks that ya gotta be moving AGAIN, but if it’s a better setting for ya, then i guess it’s worth it, eh? Though i’m sure Zeus is probably like “what the hell, i just found a comfortable spot…now i gotta find another one!” LOL

    You’re very welcome hun, and you know that you never will be alone in whatever kind of fight(s) you have to fight…and if we’re all gonna kick ass together, does that mean we get some cool costumes? 😛

    Anyway, glad that things are getting better hun, and hope they continue to do so *HUGS*


    • LMAO we can get superhero costumes! I’d totally be up for that lol. Thanx again so much for being here for me. It’s nice to know you have my back always, and I’ll always be there for you whenever you need!!!


  2. Well then ya know we HAVE TO get superhero costumes now LOL and you’re very welcome hun. I will ALWAYS have your back, and thank for for always bein there for me hun


  3. Girl,
    you KNOW i am here for you,always,anytime,wish I was closer,thats the only drawback to our friendship,it sucks being so far away from you.I’m glad you are making the move again,the new place sounds awesome,cant wait to see it myself:)

    No mattter what,I’m always here for you,and thank you,for being here for me,even though you have felt so poorly lately,its been a tough time for both of us,hope we both come out of this STRONGER FRUIT LOOPS!!!!<3


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