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Thankfully the dietitian that came to the house yesterday was NOT the one from before, that I went and saw in the hospital here last year.  I really like this one!  She’s really passionate which is always nice to see from someone in their job, and it was cool that she could come here and look right in my cupboards and see what I am actually eating!

So I didn’t learn anything new about crohn’s and the diet for it.  I wasn’t overally surprised there though.  She was good about helping me find more salty foods and fiber foods, and also foods that are great alternatives for people with high cholesterol.  She said though, that with everything I had, I am doing everything right.  Which is good bc who likes changing up what they already have, but that means my high cholesterol must be hereditary.  She said it would make no sense otherwise.  What my plan is then, is to get it checked AGAIN with blood work since it’s been almost a year since it was last checked, then if it is still high, have the dietitian write me a note or something to bring with me to the Cardiologist saying I’m doing everything right on my end and it’s still high.  And bring the blood work results with me.  I know my bad cholesterol is WAY TOO HIGH, but my good cholesterol is too, and I know that can kind of balance each other out.  But I still think they need to be within a normal range.  I feel like if it isn’t to do with POTS and the heart, my Cardiologist wants nothing to do with it.  Maybe not, but I don’t want to be 28 and at a risk for a heart attack either.

Sunday, mom, Nick and I went to the cat show here!  It was obviously nothing like the big cat shows on tv bc it’s a small town, but it was cute!  It was more fun just walking around and looking at all the different breeds.  Nick was able to pet a few of them too, and it was totally adorable watching him be so gentle with them.  I love cats! hehe.  I think my favorite was the Maine Coon or the Scottish Folds.  Then we went and had lunch at Dairy Queen.  It was a fun afternoon 🙂

Anyways, my PSW is coming early  this week, and coming this morning, instead of later in the week, so I’m going to go have my breakfast before she gets here.  Hope you’re all doing well!



PS  Did you remember June 6th (yesterday) was Invisible Illness Awareness Day?


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