Adrenalin Works If You Work It!

The King’s Speech Raises Awareness of Language...


Had to go to the dentist today bc of the two fillings that fell out.  I just got the damn things filled at the beginning of this year!  Hopefully they stay put for a while!  My appointment went well.  Any other POTSy’s find that the freezing makes them jumpy?  My heart rate goes nuts when I get it… reminds me of taking acid in high school lol.  My SSW Susan stopped by too to try to scare me while in the dentist chair! LOL Thankfully I was walking out as she was coming in!

I got home, and thought I’d better rest and try to get my heart rate under control, but my heart was so wired for sound I couldn’t sleep, so I did a bunch of packing and cooking instead!  I have most of my stuff packed, but it is getting down to the wire, and I need to use what energy I get to pack when I can!

My mouth, now over 6 hours later… is still frozen!!!  Not badly and it’s pretty much gone now, but holy hell!  And it’s weird, bc I’ve always had less problems with the left side of my mouth, but if they do ANY kind of work on that side, I swell right up and look like a stroke victim… not cute!  I’m glad  give my family a good laugh with it though! lol.

I went to my dad’s this past weekend and got to see my uncle Howard, Patty, and their one dog Killer (a tea cup Chiwawa) LOL  she’s so ridiculously tiny I was scared I’d break her, but she is too adorable and cute and loved when she finally decided I was deemed cuddle worthy 🙂 I also got to see my cousin Joey and Lisa, and some other family friends.  I got my dad the book, The King’s Speech, since he loved the movie so much.  It goes into more depth of both the men’s lives, and has really cool old photos and letters that they sent one another.

I won’t be writing again, until after the move on Tuesday… that is “supposedly” when Cogeco is coming to set up my phone and internet too but we all know how well that turned out last time lol.  Then I’ll be seeing my dietitian, my PSW’s boss, and my OT worker as well.  It’s going to be pretty crazy with appointments and trying to get unpacked as well as trying to quit smoking!  Yes that’s right… my quit date is for the day I move.  I hope to hell I don’t kill anyone! 🙂

Alright, was just doing a quick check in to let everyone know I’m alive, just busy, and I’ll hopefully be writing more.. and more interesting things as well soon lol.



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