Yay For Frost!

Heath Ledger as the Joker

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It’s been so cold here I LOVE IT!  Yesterday, I went out on my porch around 11am and it was so cold I wish I had brought gloves out with me!  I actually had to warm my hands up by putting them in my coat pockets!  Awesome! hehe.  Of course, the crappy part about the colder weather is me *sniff* giving up my poor flip flops lol.  But my knees thank me!  I always and am in huge pain by the end of the summer bc of my Patellofemoral Syndrome in my knees.  I totally didn’t spell that right… oh well too far gone now 🙂

So my Cardiologist, from the last time I posted was a crap shoot as usual.  Bc I was on Prednisone still, he thought that it was me going through the withdrawal from it.  Bull!  I’ve been on this drug many times over.  I know what it feels like to go off it, and this was POTS symptoms!!!  So NEXT TIME I GO *cough* supposedly *cough* if I still feel like crap, he’s going to start working on the blood flow and all that crap… like the hosiery, etc.  ABOUT TIME!

I went to the dentist this week to get my cleaning and check up done.  I actually don’t mind getting actual dental work done bc I’m frozen, so I don’t feel anything, but for something general like a cleaning, where you obviously aren’t frozen I am a spazz!  I cannot help it!  My teeth are SO damn sensitive that it feels like I’m being stabbed repeatedly in my gums.  Lately though,  I’ve noticed my sensitivity not being so bad, which I thought was a great sign!  But what actually is happening, is my gums are SO inflamed, that they are covering any potential cavities I might have, and a lot of the sensitive areas.  The dental staff where I go is so amazing with me.  And they are great about taking all of my illnesses especially Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome seriously, but it seems like no matter what I do, my teeth are just falling apart!  So now they are trying to get disability to fund me getting all this gum therapy done which I will be frozen for (YAY hehe) and to try to rebuild the enamel on my teeth.  I at home, am still using the special tooth paste, flossing as usual, and using these little bristle things to massage the gums in between the teeth.  Right now, it feels like I am still the bristly brush right through my gums, but you got to do what needs to be done!  And I have to stop using normal Scope mouth rinse and start with a fluoride rinse instead.

I got a Thermafour heat blanket/wrap thing to use for pain.  It’s used with moisture heat, and is helping a lot, except as a safety mechanism they make the on switch, so that you have to hold it down, and the second you let go of it, the heating shuts off.  Which isn’t easy to do with double jointed wrists, thumbs and crazy hand cramping.  So since I literally just got it, I am going to call the company today and see if they have a normal style on switch.

Tonight is my dad’s surprise 60th birthday party.  My sister and I are supposed to go down later tonight to this Hall and celebrate with everyone, but my sister has been SO sick I don’t know how this is going to be possible (she has to drive).

Today is also my Gramp‘s 82nd birthday.  He is the one in the nursing home, and I wish so badly to be there, but I cannot do too much today before going for my dad’s tonight.  Thankfully my Grandpa won’t even notice sadly bc of his illnesses.

Monday is Halloween!!!  I cannot wait!  I am going up to my mom’s as usual to hand out candy.  I have a dress hat, stockings, jewellery and makeup to wear for my witch costume, but I have to go to the doctors earlier that day, so I’m going to just bring it all in a bag to change into.  Even though I’m sure my doctor would get a kick out of me wearing it over to see her lol.  Not gonna happen!  I was all bummed out bc I didn’t think I’d be able to afford a pumpkin this year… I know sad lol, but on Thanksgiving I ended up getting on from my dad’s so I was stoked!  I had a really cool stencil of Heath Ledger as Joker to carve, and then my damn pumpkin rotted this week so I had to throw it out! Grrr!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Halloween!!!!