Surprise Needles and Nerve Shocks

My Social Service Worker Susan took me to my Neurologist appointment yesterday.  I had no idea what was going to happen, and was just figuring a consult since I wasn’t told any differently… boy was I wrong!

Zeus cuddling on the new blanket I knit him

I had electrodes attached from my feet to my thighs, and from my hands to my upper arms, and was given shocks starting from a low shock to a higher one, to see if my nerves were damaged at all.  It was painful!  I hate shocks.  To me it’s like nails on a chalkboard so it wasn’t easy, but I’ve had worse.

Then the Neurologist stuck me with needles with mini electrodes  on the ends all up and down my legs and feet to check the nerves that way.  That was easy to handle.  Not that painful.

The resident, got literally a safety pin and poked me on each side of my body continually from my toes to me forehead asking me which side hurt more.  That was very annoying lol and definitely not comfortable!

The Neuro is going through all my case files with all of my other diseases, and meeting with all of the specialists for them to figure out a plan, based on the nerve conductivity test, the blood work he took (supine, then standing 10 minutes!) and another 24/hr urine test and a 24/hr blood pressure test.

It’s really cool to see a doctor so on the ball about this and wanting to work with my other doctors to see how my other health problems may be related.  Should be interesting to see how it turns out 🙂

I go back in 3 months time to discuss the next step once all my results are in!  He will also be telling me if I for sure have Mitral Valve Prolapse or not.

My Gram’s sister died the day before yesterday 😦 tomorrow is the funeral, and also a memorial for my Gramps.  Should be an interesting day!



Arthritis Addative

My Bizkit (Zeus' Brother who's passed away)

My family doctors appointment went great as usual.  She checked my blood pressure again and it was 80/58…  I know I’ve had lower, since the last time I went, it was 53/33, but isn’t that still considered low??  My piece of crap blood pressure monitor says something to the effect of, anything under 90/ something is on the low end, but my family doctor said that’s what hers was all the time LOL.  But she wrote me out a note to send to disability about getting a new blood pressure monitor funded :).  I need one that works! hehe.

So my Adrenal Fatigue test, cholesterol, B12, all the things I thought would be the reason for her calling me in, came back fine!  Great.. but my blood work shows inflammation with arthritis.

She asked me where I hurt… I have Fibromyalgia so I had a long list to name out.  She is sending me to get bone scans done to find out exactly where it is, and sent me a referral to a Rhuemetologist (sp?), so that will definitely be handy.  Also doubled my fibro.  nerve medication.

I was a little bummed about it yesterday when I got home, but my sister made a great point.  It’s been around already for a while at least, now the doctors can name it and do something about it, but nothing changes for the bad based on knowing what it is now.  I just hate, and I know anyone with more than one illness can relate, having one more thing to add to the list of things already wrong with our bodies.  Yet I am glad to know, so maybe I can improve things 🙂

Next up is Monday, when I go to the Neurologist.  Very interested to see what this guy has to say!

Take Care!


Low Blood Pressure Fun

Last week I fell asleep on the couch and missed my medication.  Unfortunately it really affected my blood pressure.  The second I woke up, I had something to eat and took my Beta Blocker right away, and usually by the next day I’m back to me.  This time hasn’t been the case.

I went to my mom’s not even able enough to put my walker in the van, and went through terrible waves of nausea and weakness.

I stayed at my mom’s over night by couldn’t sleep from the symptoms until around 5am even though I went to bed at 8pm the night before.

The next day I went home and mom picked me up a new shovel.  I had to use my wheel chair all day which I absolutely hate, but I kept having mottled feet and feeling like I was going to drop.

Today I was finally able to have a shower and get some normal stuff around the home picked up.  The shower did me in big time and I won’t be able to vacuum like I wanted, but at least I’m squeaky clean!

Tomorrow I have a Social Service Worker student and the new one coming by in the morning, and then I have my family doctor appointment.  Hopefully she’ll have some answers for me.

Hope you all are well.  I’m not unhappy, just hoping to feel as good as I was again!  Watching Dexter and OMG so good 🙂



Oh Geeze

I can’t believe it’s been since before Halloween since I wrote!!!!

my Christmas tree

I am going to a Neurologist at the end of this month… why I don’t know actually lol.  I figure it’s for my POTS, bc I never got the appointment I was supposed to have with my Cardiologist, I got this appointment instead!  My SSW is going to be taking me, which is sweet, and she kicks people’s asses into gear too lol.

I am also going to my family doctor next week bc of something to do with my test results when I had my physical.  Could be many simple things, but I’m still interested as to why she called to have me come in!

My grandpa passed away just before Christmas.  It was really sad, but for the best bc he wasn’t eating, or even waking up in the end.  My sister did a really sweet thing for all of us, and got one of our favorite photos of him before he got sick blown up and framed in black and white.  I have it hanging in my hallway 🙂  I love it.

Christmas was great.  We went to my dad’s Christmas Eve, and I got to see all my brothers and nieces and nephews, and a lot of family friends I adore like family.  Dinner was good too YUM! hehe.

Then Christmas morning, I went up to my mom’s and had a dinner with them, and ANOTHER ONE on Boxing Day when my aunt Kelly came down to celebrate with us.

I was able to get a recumbent bike finally, and am doing 15 minutes on it a day, on the days I’m not shoveling snow!  Yes I am shoveling too and damn it’s not easy!!! I had a bit of a flu last week and it just about killed me to shovel, but thankfully the weather has not been typical, so there hasn’t been as much snow as usual.

Besides that, I just finished knitting myself a scarf… yes knitting lol.  I love it 🙂  This is the first thing I’ve ever knitted for myself!  I just have to do the fringe at the ends and I’m done 🙂

I am now hooked on Dexter.  My sister got me into it, but I have to watch it on Netflix bc I don’t get HBO.  It gives me an excuse to exercise and knit while I’m watching it.

I am also reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which isn’t at all what I thought it was going to be.  I am also reading 44 Scotland Street, which is awesome so far 🙂  Just the lives of a bunch of people who live at 44 Scotland Street, lol but it’s good 🙂

New Years, I fell asleep at 9pm LOL.  Wasn’t my intention, and could have went out, but I went to my mom’s, and fell asleep bc I wasn’t feeling the greatest.

Hope you are all well 🙂