Low Blood Pressure Fun

Last week I fell asleep on the couch and missed my medication.  Unfortunately it really affected my blood pressure.  The second I woke up, I had something to eat and took my Beta Blocker right away, and usually by the next day I’m back to me.  This time hasn’t been the case.

I went to my mom’s not even able enough to put my walker in the van, and went through terrible waves of nausea and weakness.

I stayed at my mom’s over night by couldn’t sleep from the symptoms until around 5am even though I went to bed at 8pm the night before.

The next day I went home and mom picked me up a new shovel.  I had to use my wheel chair all day which I absolutely hate, but I kept having mottled feet and feeling like I was going to drop.

Today I was finally able to have a shower and get some normal stuff around the home picked up.  The shower did me in big time and I won’t be able to vacuum like I wanted, but at least I’m squeaky clean!

Tomorrow I have a Social Service Worker student and the new one coming by in the morning, and then I have my family doctor appointment.  Hopefully she’ll have some answers for me.

Hope you all are well.  I’m not unhappy, just hoping to feel as good as I was again!  Watching Dexter and OMG so good 🙂




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