Arthritis Addative

My Bizkit (Zeus' Brother who's passed away)

My family doctors appointment went great as usual.  She checked my blood pressure again and it was 80/58…  I know I’ve had lower, since the last time I went, it was 53/33, but isn’t that still considered low??  My piece of crap blood pressure monitor says something to the effect of, anything under 90/ something is on the low end, but my family doctor said that’s what hers was all the time LOL.  But she wrote me out a note to send to disability about getting a new blood pressure monitor funded :).  I need one that works! hehe.

So my Adrenal Fatigue test, cholesterol, B12, all the things I thought would be the reason for her calling me in, came back fine!  Great.. but my blood work shows inflammation with arthritis.

She asked me where I hurt… I have Fibromyalgia so I had a long list to name out.  She is sending me to get bone scans done to find out exactly where it is, and sent me a referral to a Rhuemetologist (sp?), so that will definitely be handy.  Also doubled my fibro.  nerve medication.

I was a little bummed about it yesterday when I got home, but my sister made a great point.  It’s been around already for a while at least, now the doctors can name it and do something about it, but nothing changes for the bad based on knowing what it is now.  I just hate, and I know anyone with more than one illness can relate, having one more thing to add to the list of things already wrong with our bodies.  Yet I am glad to know, so maybe I can improve things 🙂

Next up is Monday, when I go to the Neurologist.  Very interested to see what this guy has to say!

Take Care!



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